The best 3 ways to boost your marketing with call tracking

Businesses are always looking for new and innovative ways to boost their marketing. However, in today’s business world, there’s no better option for elevating your marketing than with call tracking software.

With an excellent software provider – such as Mediahawk, for example – you’ll possess the ultimate tool for amplifying your marketing, and your entire business as a whole.

To give you an idea of how this can be done, read on to learn the three best ways you can boost your marketing with call tracking.

What is call tracking software?

Call tracking software is an analytics tool that enables you to collect large amounts of crucial data on all your customer calls, as well as analysing the levels of engagement found throughout your marketing.

The software offers users a range of expert metrics that are applied to every customer call. These metrics can reveal things such as – the length of a call, the caller’s area code, the caller’s phone number, the abandonment rate, and much more.

On top of this, your software will also provide extensive reports and insights on customer engagement throughout your business, and this data will help you craft customer journey maps for all your visitors.

These will outline the exact journeys of your customers as they funnel through your marketing channels, showing every touchpoint they visit before, during, and after a call – and all the same if they don’t end up calling.

With this data, you’ll have a vivid picture of how customers are engaging with your marketing, and you’ll clearly see how each area of your marketing is performing in regards to generating leads and sales.

3 ways to boost your marketing with call tracking software

There are many ways to boost your marketing using call tracking software, but here are just three of the best:

  • Enhance your marketing content

One great way to boost your marketing with call tracking is to enhance the content produced in your marketing campaigns.

Using the reports and insights from call tracking, you’ll know how much interaction you’re receiving from customers at each area of your marketing, down to every channel and campaign. Therefore, you’ll know which campaigns are performing best.

In response, you can assess the content produced in these successful campaigns, to identify what makes them so engaging to customers – e.g., tone of voice, calls to action, etc.

Afterwards, you can begin to replicate these successful aspects in your future campaign content, so you have a continuous flow of engagement from customers, and increased lead and sales generation.

  • Improve your customer communication

Another way call tracking can elevate your marketing is through the software’s ability to analyse your customer communication and help you refine it.

You can incorporate a feature known as speech analytics along with your call tracking software. This feature will not only transcribe every customer call, but will also identify any important keywords mentioned in the conversation.

This will give you more insight into your customer calls, so that you can assess different areas to improve. This could be, for instance, ensuring that every customer enquiry is both heard and answered effectively, so that the customer is satisfied when the call ends.

With a higher number of satisfied customers, your lead and sales generation will increase with customers that funnel through your marketing channels to a call.

  • Create a more efficient marketing budget

Call tracking can also help you boost your marketing through a more cost-efficient marketing budget split that increases your return on investment (ROI).

By using the reports and insights of your software, you’ll know which of your marketing campaigns are delivering a high number of leads and sales, and which ones are falling short of your expectations.

You can then distribute your marketing budget more efficiently, by only funnelling money into developing your successful campaigns, or strategies for producing new ones that replicate this high engagement.

On the other end, you can draw back your funding for campaigns which are consistently failing to deliver high levels of engagement.

This will ensure you’re receiving an increased ROI from your marketing, which not only increases your revenue, but leaves you more money to develop and further your marketing as a whole.

With the right call tracking software in your business and these three top tips at hand, you’ll be able to propel your business marketing to new heights.

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