Stay-at-Home Virtual Entertainment Options

In the current world scenario, where most of us are operating from home, taking a break from work or even household chores becomes imperative. And when going out seems like a tall order anyway, there has to be something exciting to do at home.

With a smart blend of interactive functionality and creative content that include video chats, video streaming, live music streams, multi-player gaming and more, online social entertainment has become quite popular. From live entertainment to packaged internet offerings, you can now enjoy exclusive online experiences even on your mobile phone. It is difficult to get bored now!

Options that aren’t Netflix

Entertainment isn’t just watching Friends reruns or tuning into Netflix and scrolling by endlessly for same type of shows or movies till you’re all drained out by just the browse. There are other digital options as well which may just bring in a fresh perspective or develop a new interest in you along the way!

  • Digital Drag Fest – is hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race artists and some of the biggest names in the act, featuring a bunch of queens to entertain you to the hilt! With each ½ hour show, you can look forward to a unique experience of the Queens engaged in cooking, drama, singing and comedy.
  • MasterClass – is known for its remarkable set of online classes, be it on filmmaking, cooking, conservation or acting. From some of the best known names of their craft like Gordon Ramsay, Natalie Portman, Martin Scorsese or Dr Jane Goodall, you will have learnt a new skill in addition to be entertained and intrigued by MasterClass Live Series.

National Parks, Museums and Opera – are just a click away now, with a list of Google Maps’ Virtual Tours. You can revel in some of the finest entertainment options in the world at home, like an ensemble of world’s best museums or explore the natural wonders outdoors in parks from Florida to Alaska and enjoying the Metropolitan Opera in NYC, through cinematic productions streaming online.

Remote Games and Online Gaming

Order in some munchies and pour yourself your favourite drinks to enjoy Virtual Game Plays. Enjoy Pictionary, Yahtzee or Bingo with friends and family, over Zoom or try your luck and expect an action packed experience with live casino games, which along with a wide range of unique features and interactive play make staying at home worth your while, not to forget bring in monetary rewards in the same breath! Mobile Games also allow you to enjoy your favourite games sitting on a couch, lying in bed or perched on your throne in the loo! With most games available on Android smartphones and iPhones, you can pick your lot and play single or with other players from any part of the world.

The magic of Movies and Music

There’s more to life than being glued to Netflix. Maximise your home entertainment and catch some of the latest releases with online video streaming at Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney +, HBO Go or HBO Now, iTunes, YouTube or Vudu.

Bring in a sense of calm to your chaotic life with streaming music. A typical music catalogue hosts over 50 million songs and each platform comes with its own set of unique features. You can build your own playlists and sync them for offline access, there are notifications on a regular basis that keep you in the loop for new releases and artist updates. Some of the best on-demand music streaming services include Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited, YouTube Music, Tidal and Pandora Premium.

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