Shooting Range in Krakow – A Perfect Idea for a Weekend Trip

The weekend is a great opportunity to meet friends. Are you bored of sitting in a bar and the weather does not allow for trips? Decide to gun shooting in Krakow! This is a great opportunity to have fun, spend time together and learn new skills. There are many shooting ranges in Krakow, but one of them stands out. Cracow Shooting Academy is a shooting range in Krakow, where we can find shooting enthusiasts with extensive knowledge and experience, and a wide selection of weapons will satisfy everyone.

Why is Cracow Shooting Academy the Best Gun Range in Krakow?

Cracow Shooting Academy is located in Rybitwy, at Jana Surzyckiego 16 Street, which is why it is a perfect starting point for weekend fun, which you can end in the atmospheric Kazimierz with lots of bars and restaurants. The Krakow shooting range is distinguished by an excellent instructor staff, which consists of enthusiasts of dynamic and practical-defense shooting as well as sports shooting players. In addition, when booking a visit to the gun range in Krakow, we can choose from 7 available packages, which differ from each other in the types of weapons and the number of shots. For enthusiasts of specific models, it is possible to create your own package. Remember, however, that Cracow Shooting Academy is a willingly chosen shooting range in Poland, so we should precede the visit by booking online or by phone. Are you looking for extreme shooting range in Krakow? No problem! The instructors at Cracow Shooting Academy also work with experienced shooters.

Who can Take Part in the Fun at the Shooting Range?

Contrary to popular belief, the shooting range is a place not only for men. The Krakow shooting range is eagerly visited by women, teenagers and entire families. Who said it’s a bad place for a family outing! The entire visit to the shooting range in Krakow takes place under the supervision of an instructor who takes care of proper training, and also watches over the shooting of each participant. In addition, each visitor to the shooting range receives ear and eye protection. In Cracow Shooting Academy, safety is the key, which is why it is so often chosen gun range in Krakow. There is no minimum age at which we can start the adventure with shooting, but remember that experts suggest that it should not be earlier than 11/12 years of age.

What Weapons can we Find at the Shooting Range in Krakow?

At the shooting range in Krakow, we can find many types of firearms. This is a real treat for lovers of cinema, games and history. The offer of Cracow Shooting Academy includes short, long and historical weapons. Among handguns, we can distinguish many models of Colt and Glock weapons, as well as TAURUS 95 (.22LR), CZ SHADOW 2. Long weapons include, among others FAB DEFENSE KPOS, MSBS “Grot” and M14. From the historical weapons at the shooting range in Krakow we can distinguish the PPSZ-41 “PEPESZA”, AK-47 “KAŁASZNIKOW” and M16A1 VIETNAM.

How to Prepare for a Visit to the Shooting Range in Krakow?

A visit to the shooting range does not require previous preparation. However, it is worth taking care of comfortable shoes and clothing that will not restrict our movements. If we decide to visit the Krakow shooting range, remember that it is necessary for us to be sober. If we plan to include a visit to the shooting range in our party plans, it should start them so that each participant can put himself in a good mood and feel the thrill of adrenaline.

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