SEO Analytics – Track the Essential Organic Metrics

If you want to monitor the success of a seo campaign then you are in the right post as today we are going to inform you about the best seo analytics and the tools that can help you check the essential metrics. As a marketer, it is your responsibility that you keep track of your marketing campaign and its output results. Many tools can help you today in checking different seo metrics, but not all of them are reliable and workable.

One specialist in SEO Services Australia tells us that Google Analytics and Google Search Console are both free tools provided by Google that can help you gain insight into who, how and why people are accessing your sight as well as how your website is set up to facilitate this.

Below we have gathered some important metrics that you should check along with some helpful tools!

Organic traffic

Traffic is an essential part of search engine optimization. You must understand that organic traffic is the traffic that you earn by keeping yourself in the SERPs. The better your position would be in the ranks, the better it would be for your website reputation and business as well. You must check and monitor the overall organic traffic on your site. You have to see what kind of traffic lands on your page and also by which location and keyword. Google analytics would help you a lot in this regard.

Keyword rank tracking

It is the most provident metric that can take your site to the top and can also lower it down. Keywords are what make your site visible before the search engine and the traffic as well. If you are opting for seo, then you might be using the best relative and top-ranked keywords, but using these words doesn’t mean that they are going to be on the top for a very long time. The search density of keywords keeps on changing, and this is why you must monitor them.

The Google position checker tools are important in this regard. The keyword rank tracker by is an online tool that can help you check the insights and the position of the keywords for Google and other search engines that you have used in your content. The keyword rank checker online can easily tell you if the keywords used in your content are still on the number one ranks or have lowered down. This is a free and immensely helpful keyword rank checker that can improve your seo score.

Duplication in your content

There are chances that people can be copying your content and using it without your authorization. This act of plagiarism can and will directly affect your website, and this is one of the reasons that you should always keep your content unique and monitor it regularly. Plagiarism checkers can easily help you out in this regard. Duplichecker can check and monitor your website for all sorts of plagiarism!

Organic bounce rate

The organic bounce rate is another important metric that you need to check especially if you are facing loss in your business. There might be a chance that the traffic on your website or page is bouncing off just because of some distressing factors on your page and your website. You must understand that if you don’t address these factors, then you can face a major loss in your seo score and ranking position. Tools like Google Analytics can help you out in finding the troubling factor so that you can remove or update it.

Page speed

Page speed is a very important metric that can affect search engine optimization a great deal. It should be evident to you that today people have become very impatient and if your page loading speed is more than three to four seconds, then there is no way that you can rank on the top shelves. You must fully optimize your page and the content in it so that there is no chance of any lag. Usually, images and similar files can cause the loading speed to increase because of their size; it is recommended that you utilize the image and file compressor tools to solve this problem of page speed!

Local visibility

People prefer to visit the websites and pages which are also locally visible to them and are also near to them. We want you to understand that it is important that you keep track of your local visibility as the search engine also tends to put the sites on top who have this information available on their interface. These metrics are ranked under local seo, but there is no doubt an important metric that you should take care of. Google insights can easily tell you about the relative details of these metrics!

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