4 Best Directories to Find Talents for Voiceover Jobs

4 Best Directories to Find Talents for Voiceover Jobs

Freelancing as a voiceover artist is a challenge, but so is finding the right talent for a project among thousands of candidates. Fortunately, there are lots of online resources to connect you with the people you need. Directories are a major help in this, some platforms more than others.

Below are four top platforms to use when casting for voiceover jobs. Through these great and small domains, you can discover strong talents by browsing profiles or posting work opportunities to attract suitable professionals. While exploring what each directory has to offer, make sure to check for specific concerns like quality standards and the cost of services. This way you’ll know how good they are for your needs.

1. Voices

Here’s a place to get lots done, from finding artists to hiring a whole management service. The platform continues to grow since its launch in 2005, turning into quite the hub for the voiceover community. Despite some confusion over the platform’s recent change to its platform fee for users, its 4.3 score on Trustpilot says much about the directory’s positive impact on the industry.

If all you need is a good voice, you can sign up as a client and post a job, both for free. Depending on the details you provide, including desired voice qualities and your budget, Voices will match the job with professionals. They then submit their auditions alongside a quote.

Choose the best artist and start your collaboration. Once completed, finalize payment and download the audio file. In terms of cost, it will be within your budget. The talent’s fee is based on word count and the recording’s length, ranging in total from $100 to over $1000. On top of that is the Voices 3% processing fee.

On the other end of the business, artists can join as free guest members but with limited options. A premium membership opens all doors on Voices for $499 per year. There’s also a platinum tier for extra fun stuff. But the point is that when offering voiceover jobs on this website, you’ll be dealing with people of varied expertise but serious enough about their profession to invest in it.

2. Voices123

Another source of voiceover talent with seemingly infinite possibilities. Similar to Voices, this directory features a range of professionals but across 12 tiered memberships, including a free standard one. This means that clients can choose between artists of different skillsets, levels of experience and, of course, rates. In general, a decent recording regardless of platform will cost a couple hundred dollars.

Apart from the transaction between client and actor on Voices123, however, there are no other fees to worry about. When posting a project, you just fill in as much detail as possible and wait for the proposals to come in. Once again, the system does the matching for you, but if you have someone specific in mind you can hire them directly.

Artists flock to the directory, thanks to its usefulness and the expertise backing it. Based on the insights its CEO, Rolf Veldman, shares on eLearning Industry, the company, from its staff to the site’s design, clearly shows an understanding of what makes a good voice actor and how they can help in any given project.

The matching process was designed to keep hassle to a minimum, a factor many major clients like Coca Cola and 21st Century Fox already appreciate about the platform. Another comfort is that Voices123 was created out of love for this highly creative but also difficult sector.

3. Mandy

When it comes to complex directories, there are big websites and then there’s Mandy. This platform deals with all kinds of creative ventures, with voiceover work only taking up a small part of it. Back in 2018 the company even partnered with Raindance, the independent filmmaking community, to boost the industry with better connections between artists and opportunities.

But let’s stick to what Mandy offers voiceover professionals. Both artists and clients can sign up for free to enjoy a huge database of jobs, talents, and other resources. However, only premium professionals can apply to postings that are above minimum wage. Apart from unlocking more work, a full membership provides access to an impressive array of extra services.

On Mandy, artists can showcase their skills with an in-depth bio alongside audio and video files. In addition to voiceover jobs, they can find agents, specialized equipment, and a forum to chat and network. Such resources are open to clients too, as well as two ways to make the most of voiceover casting through Mandy.

You can either filter through thousands of great candidates and their audio samples or add a detailed job post so they can come to you. Considering how many freelancers are on the directory, expect varied levels of proficiency and gear, so it’s best that you really do specify what you want. Should they have a home studio? Do you need a particular gender, accent, or media specialism? Approaching all directories like this is good practice.

4. Voiceover Profiles

This new but promising platform works very differently to established directories like those above. Instead of digitizing almost every part of a collaboration’s process, Voiceover Profiles simply lists a carefully curated list of professionals and asks you to contact them directly to discuss your project.

Most importantly, there are no fees to using the service. All you pay is what you agree to with the voiceover artist. If the platform’s minimalism makes you think it may not offer as much as a bigger directory, consider the following interesting fact. Upon its launch, the directory featured 14 artists out of 120 applicants. This shows how precise the selection process is.

Its foundation and connections inspire confidence too. Voiceover Profiles is run by Guy Michaels from the ProVoiceActor studio, recording for Nintendo, UNICEF, Wizarding World, and more since 1999. The service also links to Voiceover Kickstart, another of Michaels’ initiatives, where talents can train and get first access to job openings on Profiles.

But only those with the best vocals, technical setup, and business sense make the cut. The directory’s high standards come from years of experience in the industry, all of which ensures the success of a project with a member of Voiceover Profiles onboard.

Use the Right Directory for Voiceover Jobs

Before reaching out to artists, think about your project, from what it’s about to what the voiceover should add to it. Depending on your criteria, budget, and overall schedule, sign up to the appropriate directory. If you want a big pool of candidates to choose from, you could even put casting calls on several popular platforms.

At the same time, don’t underestimate a quieter but more direct selection process. Try exploring individual professionals on reliable directories and creating a shortlist of candidates that fit your requirements. Even though this strategy may take a bit more time, it could lead to far more rewarding collaborations. It’s up to you to decide how much effort the job deserves.

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