Pennsylvania At Night: Best Places To Visit

If you’ve never been to the golden state of Pennsylvania, you’re missing out on a lot! Best known as the birthplace of America’s constitution, Philadelphia has plenty to offer to its tourists.

Apart from its historical significance, this is the state of cheesecakes, an eclectic arts scene, Hershey’s, haunted sites, Pennsylvania Dutch candies, and some of the best nighttime entertainment.

When the sun sets, the city of Philadelphia comes alive and transforms into a dreamland filled with drinks, parties, music, food, gambling, and unique experiences. If you’re planning to visit the state of Pennsylvania, you’re in for a treat.

Pennsylvania at night is gorgeous, and here’s your chance to experience it. We have combined a list of things to do in Pennsylvania to enjoy its nightlife. Rest assured, your travel itinerary is in safe hands!

Pennsylvania At Night: Things To Do In Pennsylvania And Best Places To Visit

  1. Spruce Street Harbour Park

Inaugurated in 2014, Spruce Street Harbour Park is among the most famous urban beaches in Penn State. It is situated in Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia, and is celebrated as one of America’s best nighttime urban beaches. You won’t get bored here! This beach is an incredibly romantic spot and perfect for couples.

There are colorful hammocks, bright lights, live music, craft brews from the beer garden, local delicacies, and so on. If you’re on the hunt for a cute date spot, this is the place!

  1. Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs

If you are a fan of luxury and gambling, we have found the perfect place for you. Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs is located surrounding the hillside of Plains and is easily accessible from nearby states like New York, New Jersey, Philly, and Delaware.

This place is one of Pennsylvania’s largest and most distinctive casino hotels. They have more than 300 rooms, an on-site spa, 82,000 square feet of gambling space with over 1900 slot machines, shopping options, pubs, nighttime entertainment, and a lot more!

In case you’re not able to make it this year, you can still enjoy the Pocono Downs experience. If not Wilkes Barre, you can log in to a pa online casino and have some fun from anywhere else in Pennsylvania.

  1. BlueCross RiverRink Summerfest

The best thing about BlueCross RiverRink Summerfest is that it is open to the public for free! Yes, you heard that right. Penn’s Landing has an entirely different look once the night sets in, and you will be able to witness that at BlueCross RiverRink Summerfest.

There is no dearth of activities to do here, from kid-friendly spaces to pure adult fun. There is a play area for kids, a roller rink, a boathouse-styled lodge, an arcade, and carnival entertainment. You will find a Ferris Wheel, a carousel, and much more. From kids to adults, everyone can have a good time here!

  1. Arden Theatre Company

Established in 1988, the Arden Theatre Company is an award-winning troupe that offers amazing theatrical performances and ballet renditions. They have entertainment and educational programs for tourists all year round. There are also children’s interactive plays that kids can enjoy.

If you’re lucky, you can also get a chance to meet the actors behind the production and engage in a small chit-chat.

  1. Cherry Street Pier

Initially built in 1919, Cherry Street Pier used to be known as the Shipping Pier 9. Later it was repurposed to preserve Philadelphia’s culture and identity. Today, it is a popular tourist spot with plenty to do. It is a public space usually frequented by art connoisseurs and tourists.

Here you can watch artists at work and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. Throughout the year, many concerts, food fests, exhibits, and fairs are hosted. Something is always brewing at this place. However, make sure you check their calendar for exciting events before you plan a visit.

  1. Independence Beer Garden

If you take a short walk from the iconic Liberty Bell, you will find Independence Beer Garden. This place is Pennsylvania at its best. You can dine and drink here and enjoy the view. Many things will pique the tourists’ interest, from picnic tables to lawn and board games, Philly greenery, and traditional Adirondack chairs.

  1. Founding Footsteps Tour

If you want to get to know the city of Philadelphia better, nothing is better than a good old Founding Footsteps Tour. The Founding Footsteps offers a wide variety of tours ranging from standard walking tours to bar crawls. You will be able to get to know Philly a little better and experience it from different angles. The tour lets you drop by local taverns here and there to enjoy their home-brewed beer and food.

One of the most enjoyable tours is the Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia Tour, where you will hear haunting stories of the worst crimes committed in this part of the state.

  1. First Friday

This is a place that cherishes Philadelphia’s arts scene. They’ve been doing so on the first Friday of each month all year round since 1991. If you’re an art junkie, this is your place. Here you can meet local artists, visit shops, studios, and galleries, wander among artworks, enjoy unbelievable sales, indulge in the local food and drinks, etc. There is also live music which brings the whole event together. Make sure you come here on a Friday!

  1. Franklin Square

Located in the heart of Downtown, Franklin Square needs no introduction. This historic square was built in the 1600s, and it is a wonderland filled with cheap and exciting adventures.

There is a large playground for kids, the Parx Liberty Carousel, a burger joint, a Philly-themed mini-golf course, and so on. If you truly want to experience the Philly lifestyle, come here!

  1. Ghost Tours of Philadelphia

End your night on a haunting note with the legendary Ghost Tours of Philadelphia. They have not only been in business since 1995 but are also critically acclaimed. This is one of Philadelphia’s most iconic touristy things to do. They say you can’t visit one of America’s legendary states without peeking into the dark side.

On this guided tour, you will be led to secret gardens, haunted houses, graveyards, back streets while you listen to blood-curdling stories.

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