Now is a Great Time to Start Online Marketing in Bangkok

Despite our collective best efforts and wishes, the COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately returned to Thailand, bringing with it a wave of misfortune and misery. Where there was once a light at the end of the tunnel, now there is only darkness and more twists and turns that businesses in Thailand can be ready for. More than ever, businesses in Bangkok need online marketing to keep their businesses afloat.

Even before the pandemic, online marketing in Bangkok was one of the best ways for businesses to interact with their customers and grow their business. Thailand has a few major businesses that dominate the offline marketing space, taking up most of the billboards and poster space at malls and train stations. The digital space, in contrast, is fairer to small and medium-sized businesses, which is why almost every small business in Bangkok uses online marketing.

If you are a small business owner who hasn’t yet entered the world of online marketing in Bangkok, here is what you can expect.

All Industries Can Benefit

A common misconception about digital marketing is that not all industries can benefit from it. Marketers in niche industries are often under the impression that they don’t need to perform digital marketing because it is not relevant to their target audience. In some extreme cases, this may be true, but on the whole, a statement like this shows a lack of understanding of what digital marketing is.

Customers across every industry use the internet and/or social media daily. Whether it’s watching a YouTube video, performing a quick Google search, internet use is inescapable. Digital marketing utilizes every aspect of internet users to find a way to advertise to customers.

For example, restaurant owners can use social media to promote new menu items or specials; car manufacturers can use video ads to unveil new models; corporate service providers can make targeted ads on LinkedIn or other social media; industrial suppliers can use SEO to draw new customers to their website.

Every industry can find a channel within digital marketing to market and sell their products or services. Sometimes, it is best to work with a bonafide digital marketing agency to find the best strategy for your business.

Bangkok is Online

It is not a stretch to say that almost every resident in Bangkok is online. With low-cost options for smartphones removing a barrier to getting online from a mobile device, the world of online marketing in Bangkok is buzzing with activity.

Social media, in particular, is extremely popular in Bangkok. Bangkokians love to snap photos wherever they travel to or eat at and love to share updates about their lives on social media. Applications such as LINE, Facebook, and Instagram are go-to apps for people in Bangkok, thus making them top places to perform online marketing in Bangkok.

In fact, online marketing in Bangkok is so useful, it’s arguably a better avenue to pursue than offline marketing.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your business online.

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