Myths about bathroom wall panels you should stop believing now

The introduction of new wall panels has replaced the conventional tiles from the bathrooms. With the emergence of this new way of making your bathroom look attractive, there is a rise of a lot of confusion about it. Hence, various myths have been formed about these panels. Here is a list of those myths and along with that, the reality about that myth is also mentioned.

 1st myth

To install a wall panel one has to get special installation training.

This is the first myth that every new user of wall panel goes through and this is high time that we should stop believing in it. If we talk about the installation of these wall panels, then they are as easy as doing some DIY and could be done by any person. You just have to read the manual and then need to follow the step written over it. It is a work of patience and one will have to give his or her precious time into it, but there is no need to call an expert for this. Also, these days there are a lot of YouTube videos available on, so you can refer to that also.

2nd myth

Best quality bathroom wall panels are cheaper than tiles.

This is a very bitter myth about which everyone feels that it should have been true. Unfortunately, it is not. There are lots of options in wall panels, according to the quality, design, and pricing. You can obviously select any of them according to your choice, but one thing should be there in your mind that if you want to buy a cheap wall panel for your bathroom, then it cannot be of the best quality.

3rd myth

Wall panels are always available in plain and boring colours.

This is still a mystery as to why people think in this manner about the wall panels. There are a lot of options available in wall panels, as mentioned earlier also. These options are available in different colours and designs as well. You need to go to the store and select the brand you want to have in your washroom. Whatever quality you choose for these wall panels you will definitely find colour options for it.

4th myth

The wall panels come in a particular standard size only.

This is again a wrong notion formed by people. There are chances that the retailer from whom you bought the wall panels did not have other sizes apart from the one he gave to you, but that does not mean that there is no customization available in the sizes of wall panels. You will have to tell the store manager about the sizes that you need for your bathroom.

Whenever a new thing is introduced to break the already existing convention, there are chances that myths are formed about that particular thing. The same is the case with these wall panels and with bathroom flooring. They have replaced the tiles and here are the myths that you can hear about them.


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