How to Revamp the Spare Room

Do you have a room in the home which has become a messy storage place over the years? This is a common situation in many households and people tend to have plans for this space but never get around to it. This is a shame as it is a huge waste of space and there are many excellent ways that you could be using this room.

Guest Bedroom

Turning the room into a guest bedroom is a good idea, especially if you like to host and/or you live out in the middle of nowhere. It is nice being able to offer people a comfortable bedroom as opposed to the couch and it might allow you to do more socialising in your own home. Additionally, it is always helpful having another bedroom in case you add to the family one day!

Home Gym

A home gym is another good option, especially in the current situation with the Coronavirus pandemic keeping gyms closed. Unlike people think, you do not necessarily need a tremendous amount of space for a home gym as you can suffice with a piece of cardio equipment like a bike, treadmill or rowing machine and then an area where you can perform free weights, stretching, yoga etc. If space permits, you can then add static weight machines and various other bits of equipment that will help you to stay in top shape without the need for a costly gym membership.

Dressing Room

There is something luxurious and glamorous about having a dressing room and it is a smart idea if space is somewhat limited in your bedroom. Built-in wardrobes can be an excellent use of space where you can easily keep all of your clothes neatly organized and you could then have a dressing table where you can do your hair and makeup. This will free up a huge amount of space in the bedroom and reduce clutter which will improve the look of the space but could also help to improve your sleep too.

Craft Room

Having a space in the home which is dedicated to being creative can make a big difference to your life. Whether you are an avid artist or you are simply looking for a new hobby, having a craft room can make this much more practical and enjoyable and will provide you with a space where you can free yourself from screens so that you can express yourself and be creative.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to finally make the most out of a spare room with the above being just a few good options. It is a shame to have an area of the home which is not being utilized and transforming the room could make a big difference to your life in more ways than one.

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