Must-Have Tool for Photographers and Graphics Editors for CR2 to JPG conversion

The picture quality attained from a Canon digital camera is outstanding. It is because the Canon camera uses a premium-quality CR2 file format. CR2 or Canon Raw 2nd Edition offers multiple benefits, but managing is tricky. The camera sensor does not process the image file in RAW format. Therefore the file is huge, which makes editing the photos better than JPG files.

Every picture is made available in RAW and as it is an unedited digital version the photographers get the precise details for editing. The original picture quality offers a real feel and purpose. However, the editing process is crucial to align with the significance of every photo and portray what the photographer desires.

CR2 file opening challenges

CR2 files are unedited large files and hard to edit. Therefore, to handle this issue there is a need to convert them into different extensions. CR2 isn’t as popular as the JPG format, so you need some support to work with them. You need a CR2 to JPG converter for opening them as it is still not compatible with a majority of editing tools.

Compatibility and file size is the main challenge to consider during conversions. You will need to find a converter that supports every accessible file format. However, there are times when you need to leave the file in CR2 format. When you edit photographs leave the file in original RAW format. After you edit the photos, export them in JPG format. It is a great way to retain picture quality because changes made to RAW images will not degrade the quality and if needed the whole editing process can be undone. So, always make changes in CR2 or RAW format and convert it into JPG for sharing.

How to convert CR2 to JPG?

CR2 to JPG conversion is possible quickly with special programs like reaConverter. There are free online conversion tools but if your business needs a regular photograph and image conversion then it is great to use reaConverter. A non-technical person can download and install the program. The main advantage of using reaConverter is that it supports batch conversion. The repetitive conversion process is monotonous but with batch conversions, you can save time and energy.

  • Download the CR2 to JPG program from their official website.
  • Install the setup as per the instructions.
  • Click on ‘Add Media’ and ‘Add images’, then choose CR2 photographs you desire to convert. You can even drag & drop them in the window. Take advantage of batch conversion and add multiple photos simultaneously.
  • Choose the output format from the myriads of options. As you need CR2 to JPG then choose JPEG format.
  • You can apply extra edits to the selected images directly from the program, before exporting. Click on the Edit button to change contrast, hue, brightness, and saturation. Save the changes. To highlight certain elements choose the crop tab and choose the specific area. Save and close!
  • Specify the export folder and hit the Convert button.
  • The conversion will take some time depending on the number of photos you chose to convert. As soon as the conversion is completed, the folder that contains your output files will automatically open.

CR2 to JPG conversions allow transforming the files into compressed and more usable for sharing. JPG is easy to view, edit, and print so is a great choice to convert high-quality CR2 photographs.

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