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Every homeowner that has a bed bug infestation usually has two options in front of them. They can try to weed out the issue themselves, by taking help from Home Depot and some YouTube videos.

Or, they can do the smart and simple thing- hire professional bed bug extermination companies. While digital platforms and social media have given people the belief that everything and anything can be a DIY project, some issues, like bed bugs, are best left to experts.

Most people who try to sort out the issue themselves, end up losing a lot of time, energy and effort. At the end of their endeavors, they are left with a much bigger problem, a much more complex infestation!

In this resource article, we speak to experts at one of the Toxic Respond. We ask them about the five questions that homeowners should ask extermination companies before they hire them.

List of 5 Important Questions to ask a Bed Bug Company before you hire them

  • Are they Licensed and Certified by the Authorities?

You would be letting a group of people come into your home and spread deadly chemicals. The least you can do is check whether they are qualified enough to do what they claim to be. Look for certifications and licenses from accredited and qualified sources. If a company does not have the license, it would be best that you start exploring licensed options.

  • Can they share the References of their Past Clients?

When it comes to extermination companies, the best ones take a lot of pride in highlighting their successful past work. This means that they will be more than eager to share with you the references of their past clients. However, if a company seems hesitant to do the same, you should avoid them and move on to the next name in the list.

  • Does the Company cover its Employees with Insurance?

You need to understand that the kind of deadly chemicals that are used in exterminating bed bugs is quite harmful to human beings. While the employees of the company would be taking all the necessary precautions, you can never be too sure when something will go wrong or not. This is why you need to ensure that the company offers its employees insurance coverage.

  • What kind of Strategy or Method they will apply?

Most homeowners have already tried at their solo levels to solve the issue but failed. You must know by now that simple spraying is just not going to cut it anymore. As someone who is suffering from the bed bug problem, you are well within your rights to ask about the methods and strategies that the company is going to adopt.

  • How many years of experience do they have in Bed Bug Extermination?

When it comes to removing bed bug infestations, experience matters a lot. The more years of experience an extermination company has, the better will they be at their jobs. Anything above five years is a good enough period for you to have faith in the extermination company and its abilities. Try to avoid young start-ups in the business who are just looking for a buck.

The Bottom Line

In the past few years, many homeowners have gone on record to state how some extermination companies make them sign contracts. These contracts state that the customer cannot go on social media or digital platforms and write something negative about the brand if the bed bugs return. As a homeowner, this should be an immediate red flag and you should steer away from such companies as much as possible.

If you have any doubts or would like us to answer something specific, drop your questions in the comments section below. We will be more than happy to help you with your annoying and irritating bed bug infestations.

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