After a beautiful bouquet of flowers has been delivered, it is important that the flowers are properly cared for. Proper care ensures a longer lifespan, including longer pleasure from the flowers. We are happy to give a number of care tips for flowers.

  1. Cut the flowers diagonally

Always cut a piece of the stem diagonally, so that any bacteria, fungi and dirt disappear. Preferably use a sharp knife or secateurs. If the tool is not sharp enough, the capillaries in the stem will be pinched and the flower will have difficulty absorbing water.

  1. Remove sheet

The leaves at the bottom of the stems should be removed. The leaves can rot in the water. Flowers do not like bacteria and polluted water and will die faster as a result.

  1. Use a clean vase

We recommend putting the flowers in a clean glass vase. Bacteria cannot or hardly adhere to the wall of the glass vase, which extends the life of the flowers. You can also always see with a glass vase whether there is still enough clear water in it. Also, keep in mind that flowers like space. A well-fitting vase is therefore important.

  1. Tap water is good

After receiving the mailbox flowers, you should water the bouquet as soon as possible. Tap water is excellent for this. Since mixed bouquets are often sold in the Netherlands, lukewarm / lukewarm water is generally recommended as the water temperature.

  1. Add flower food in the vase

Before you put the flowers in the vase, you must first provide the water with flower food. This food helps the flowers to develop beautifully and stay fresh for longer. The nutritional packaging states which ratio of nutrition and water is required. Too much nutrition and too little water can cause the flower stems to “burn”.

  1. Make sure the stems can absorb water

Until you put the flowers in your home, flowers are cut fresh from the nursery, stored in a conditioned manner at the grower and at the auction, after which they are transported to the kiosk, in other words: the temperature changes become minimum and the water requirement is small. Until then, it is enough to cut the flowers straight. As the temperature rises, the moisture in the flowers evaporates more quickly with the result that the quality deteriorates unless they get enough water.

To ensure that the letterbox flowers in your home can absorb enough water, we therefore recommend cutting or trimming the stems diagonally again. This increases the “drinking” area of ​​the wound, allowing more water to flow to the flower when the ambient temperature rises. Always use a sharp knife or sharpened garden shears. Blunt tools, but also ordinary kitchen scissors often cause bruised stems so that no water can be absorbed. Nowadays there are special flower cutters on the market that do exactly what is recommended above. It is up to you to determine which tool you prefer to use.

  1. Watch out for drafts, heat and fruit

With flowers you have to take into account various climate conditions. Are the temperatures rising in the summer? Place the bouquet of flowers in a cool place. Also make sure that there is enough water in the vase. But flowers don’t like drafts and fruit either. Fruit produces ethylene gas that promotes aging Flowers age through drafts, heat and fruit. As a result, the flowers evaporate more than they can absorb and will therefore droop.

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