Loft Conversions In Reading You’ll Love

Reading is a fantastic place to live. In fact, it’s probably one of the best places to live in the entirety of the United Kingdom. Thus, it comes as no surprise that residents are generally reticent to move out of the area. 

However, this fact has two prominent disadvantages: skyrocketing property prices and decreasing land supply. There’s a simple way to avoid these problems though: by getting our lovely loft conversions in Reading.

Why You Should Choose Our Loft Conversions In Reading

  • Personalised services: We do not run a one size fits all operation. We work with our clients and integrate their needs, worries, and stylistic preferences into constructing a loft they will gush over for years. Essentially, we aim to provide the best for you.
  1. A Culture of Success: Just like the needs of each client are different, the challenges we face in individual loft conversions in Reading are also varied. However, this doesn’t change the final results our clients get because we pride ourselves on our ability to succeed, no matter how difficult the project might be.
  2. Expertise: We serve the entirety of Reading and have acquired years of experience in the area. That, along with our crack team of project managers, designers, and structural engineers, allows us to give you the very best loft conversions in Reading

Loft Conversions In Reading You Can Choose From Today

1) The En Suite: En Suites allow you to get a space capable of conveniently housing a fully grown adult out of your loft conversion. With its perfect blend of utility and versatility, it’s one of the most common loft conversions in Reading
2) Terraces: If you’re looking for some extra lighting and ventilation, a terrace is an excellent choice for you. Provided you have the existing structures and permissions in place, you can get terraces from your loft conversions in Reading in no time

3) A Juliet Balcony: Few things are as marvelous to behold in the loft conversion world as a Juliet Balcony done right. The blend of style, elegance and architectural acumen creates a picture that’ll surely have your neighbours green with envy.

That being said, here are a few things about loft conversions you need to know

What You Want To Know About Loft Conversions In Reading

Loft Conversions in Reading usually take about twelve weeks. During this time period you will not be required to vacate any portion of your home as we start with the scaffolding before adding in the stairs. 

Generally, loft conversions in Reading cost £30,000 to £50,000, and, when done right, increase the value of your home by at least 20%. However, it can be upwards of 30%. Want to know the best part? Most loft conversions in Reading don’t even require any special property permissions.

In conclusion, loft conversions in Reading are a game changer in the real estate market. You stand to gain a lot out of a loft conversion, but only if you have it done by experts. Contact us today, and let’s get started

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