Flower Delivery in Russia for Gorgeous Gift

Despite being one of the snowiest countries, Russia has its own treasury of flowers. Exotic and humble, flamboyant and fragrant, innocent and passionate — you can get any type of bouquet for any occasion.

Moscow flower delivery is the solution. Be it a birthday, business event, or wedding — flowers will be there strictly on time to produce a true wow-effect. Perhaps, you want to make a romantic gesture and surprise someone special with a basket of daisies? Leave a request with a few details of “for whom”, “where”, and “when,” and the flowery gift will be on its way.

Here’s what a Russian flower delivery service flowwow.com can offer.

Thematic Bouquets

Every flower is a living symbol. And each symbol refers to some special occasion. Let’s briefly review which blossoms compliment a certain event the most:


If it’s time to blow the candles and make wishes, flowers like roses, gerberas, and lilies are a great choice. Gentle lilies symbolize renewal. Roses express passionate energy. Gerberas retain some of that summery color, meaning that every future’s day will be bright and sunny.


Vows are said, church bells are ringing, and the solemn chords of the Wedding March make the guests wipe their teary eyes. Cream roses, tulips, hydrangeas, or calla lilies will surely make a furor. Each of these flowers has its own meaning, but they are united by one idea: selfless loyalty, majestic beauty, and love that will never fade.


Nothing is sweeter than a love that has stood the trial of time! The best flowers to fit this celebration are irises, gladioli, yellow roses, gentle carnations, and daffodils. This flowery ensemble plays a fragrant symphony of fascination, devotion, and love. (Plus, carnations make a great tea).


Once the mortarboards fly in the air, you know it — it’s the beginning of a new epoch in life. Which flowers a freshly baked graduate should get? Peonies and chrysanthemums make a nice duet. Peonies symbolize success and wealth, while its partner in this duo means “longevity.”


Every flower counts if it’s a gift sent from one loving heart to another. But if you want your innuendos and confessions to be written in the poetry of blossoms, then you have some nice options to consider. 

How about roses? Their passionate red buds will never become a cliché. Tender azaleas represent the gentle feeling growing stronger. Also, blue orchids will speak louder than any words, even if they were written by Petrarch and Hemingway working together on a love letter.  

Complimentary Gifts

Just like silence, flowers speak volumes. But it’s always nice to give them a little companion. Like a cuddly plushie bear or toy bunny, whose elusive cuteness can put a smile on anybody’s face.

Chocolates and candy are the best way to tell someone how sweet they are in your eyes. You can’t savor the flowers, so a bit of Belgian chocolate will make your gift play in a delicious tonality.

Or maybe you enjoy the fragrance and want to share its refreshing magic with others? Delicate gift soaps and berries are the best ones to play the role then. They will deliver an elusive note of spring or summer to the recipient. 

Enjoy Pretty Flowers and Quality Service

Flower delivery service basically covers the entire Russian territory. Even though it’s quite big, it’s guaranteed that your flowery order will make it on time to the lucky receiver.

From rainy St. Petersburg to sunlit Sochi, the flowers will travel to that special someone, delivering your message. So, don’t hesitate and check the collection of bouquets, gifts, and cards — there’s always something to please even the most demanding taste.


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