Liam Pitchford Among 8 At The WTT Cup In Singapore

England’s No 1 Liam Pitchford had a great season on the WTT tour in Singapore this year, receiving $18,000 for reaching the quarterfinals. The British table tennis star was among the eight who now have a place in the finals and represented Great Britain at the Singapore event.

Liam Pitchford feels his first WTT Cup Finals win will help him build on the success he had shown towards the season end. This article is all about Britain’s finest defensive player and one of the 8th seeded players in the WTT Cup in Singapore – Liam Pitchford.

Currently ranked as the No. 14 in the world, Liam Pitchford was the fourth seeded player in the quarterfinals event of the WTT Finals in Singapore. Pitchford has been seen to defeat reigning world champions before as Ma Long, Xu Xin, Vladimir Samsonov, and several legends throughout his career.

Liam Pitchford Heading To The Quarterfinals

Staying upbeat, Liam Pitchford has achieved an upset victory to advance to the quarterfinals of the WTT Cup in Singapore. Pitchford, the fourth-seeded player among the 8 in WTT Cup in Singapore, beat South Korea’s Jang Woojin but missed one match short of the clash with the world No 1 Fan Zhangdong in the semis.

Both Pitchford and Woojin were prepared for a close contest when they met in the quarterfinals. It was a tight encounter between Jang Woojin and Pitchford; however, Woojin finds no way past Pitchford at the WTT Finals.

Jang Woojin commenced with the first serve; however, Liam Pitchford was one of eight seeded players in the WTT Cup in Singapore who started strongly, winning his first two matches. World number 12 Woojin began enjoying luck on the offensive as the match progressed by claiming back-to-back two games, establishing two and three consecutively.

England’s No 1, Liam Pitchford’s weapon of choice stays the same – the Victas Liam Pitchford blade equipped with the V>15 rubber for his forehand and backhand. It is a superfast blade with devastating service, and certainly, the English lion takes great pride in his racket.

The 28-year-old England superstar came to terms by taking a timeout in the fourth match. Keeping his WTT Cup qualification dream alive, he fought back from 4-2 down on his way to victory. Carrying his winning streak, Liam Pitchford went from the opening game to the third by saving four but one point short.

His side didn’t see Liam Pitchford’s coach Gavin Evan, but he reeled off five points in a row against South Korea’s Woojing and won 11-8 in the fourth game. Keeping his momentum in the fifth and the final game, Liam Pitchford maintained his form, winning 11-6 and advancing to the quarterfinals.

However, Liam Pitchford lost to Wang Chuqin of China in the quarterfinals at the World Table Tennis Team Cup in Singapore, missing a chance to play against Fan Zhendong of China—the world’s top player—in the semi-finals.

Liam Pitchford’s Choice Of Blade

It’s no doubt that Liam has added a further shining chapter to an already promising career by making it through the quarterfinals of the WTT Finals. It’s the first time since 1996 that an English player has reached the quarterfinals in Singapore, and many people would love to know what racket Liam Pitchford uses against his opponents.

The table tennis blade is made by Liam Pitchford and is deemed one of the most expensive blades globally. But if you’re serious about table tennis, why not get the best equipment? Learn more about the blade that made Liam Pitchford become the first English player to reach the table tennis quarterfinals in Singapore from here.

Liam Pitchford Aims To Bring Glory To UK

Pitchford feels his performance at both events in WTT Cup Finals in Singapore and at the World Championship in Houston indicate he is returning to his previous level. “It was good to reach the quarterfinals,” said Pitchford, referring to the World Table Tennis Championships. “But I played better at last year’s World Championships than I did here in Singapore. I had a long 18-hour flight and didn’t have time to rest before the tournament, making it difficult. But I still beat the 12th-ranked player.”

England No 1 Liam Pitchford aims to capitalize on recent successes. He wants to continue beating players ranked 10-50 in the world, but his ultimate goal is to challenge top-10 players for trophies. Pitchford says that as a player ranked in the world’s top 50, he knows he can, and must, consistently beat other players in the top ten to become a true world-class player.

Pitchford traveled to Singapore without coach Gavin. After taking a timeout to regain his composure and gather his wits, Pitchford was able to take control of the match. He slowed down the game’s pace and focused on using spin to return more balls back over the net.

He added: “We were unaware of the event until quite late on because we were focused on the World Championships. Therefore, we decided it was better to let Gavin have time with his family rather than attend the other event.”

The decision proved to be beneficial indeed for Liam Pitchford as he says: “It’s good to be able to discuss about a game with a coach, but sometimes you need to be able to analyse your own game and work things out; yourself.”

Liam Pitchford’s Biography

Liam Pitchford is one of the most eruptive and fearsome players that England has ever produced. Born and bred in Chesterfield, Liam Pitchford is one of the few players who can boast holding the iconic medals of the World Championship and winning a prestigious event such as the Commonwealth champions in Glasgow, where he surpassed favourites from China, Malaysia, and Denmark.

An exhilarating table tennis champ from England’s conveyor belt of talent, Liam Pitchford is a rare commodity of a sportsman who can be both formidable and explosive yet consistently reliable. For time and time again, Liam proved his worth when called in.

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