IPL Hair Removal; Ulike vs. Braun Comparison

If you choose to remove the hairs from any part of your body, be they on your arms, legs, underarms, bikini, or the rest of your body, you have multiple options. The advanced technology in this regard is IPL and laser, both have perks to choose them in your comfort zone.

Similarly, if you specifically select IPL devices as your hair removal tool then also there are a lot of options. IPL and laser give permanent solutions to hair removal therefore they are very famous in the fashion industry. There is a huge variety and models of IPL devices in the market with different features, efficiency, safety, and convenience.

Do you know which IPL devices are common and why? Let me tell you that Ulike IPL Laser Hair Removal Device, Braun Silk Expert Pro 5, SmoothSkin Pure fit, Nood the Flasher 2.0, Sensica SensiLight Pro, Silk’N Infinity Hair Removal devices and many more are available in the market.

The top IPL devices are Ulike and Braun because of their user experience and wonderful results. Here, both will be discussed one by one.

Braun Hair Removal IPL at home:

Braun is a renowned brand and it is famous for its durability and reliability. Furthermore, it uses advanced IPL technology and SensoAdapt TM technology to adapt skin tone for precise and safest treatment.

Braun has launched different models of IPL handy devices including;

  1.     At-home IPL Hair Removal System PL 5137
  2.     New Silk-expert Pro 5 IPL with precision cap PL 5157 and
  3.     NEW Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL with wide cap and 2 precision caps PL 5347.

The last one is the latest one with the most features and it is one of the top user’s choices due to;

        i.            Lightweight and Best Quality:

Braun Pro 5 IPL at-home laser hair removal device is an elegant choice that gives the feeling of the best quality, fast, and straightforward technology. It has precision and wide caps that make it more popular. When you have a firm grip on the handset, you just need to move over an area for hair removal and zap away.

It gives you lifetime hair-free silky and smooth skin because its flashes can help you to remove hair for above 15 years monthly throughout the body.

  ii.            Power and Safety:

Braun IPL devices are very powerful with a wide range of intensity. If you have fair skin then you can easily use high-intensity mode safely to get long-lasting results with maximum hair reduction. On the other hand, if you have darker skin you can use lower lower-intensity mode of the Braun IPL device and get the best results out of it.

If you are unable to set intensity according to your skin tone then no worries because the latest IPL Braun devices have auto sensor technology that helps the device to select the intensity according to skin tone automatically. Therefore every flash of the Braun IPL handset is safe, powerful, and effective.

Braun IPL has a feather button option to reduce the intensity at the bikini and underarms to avoid pain and itching.

   iii.            Precise and Fast Flash for Face:

Braun IPL device has a precision cap for facial hair removal and it works fast due to supercharged flash bulbs. Its design is lightweight and compact therefore it is easy to move over the skin at a fast pace. A precision cap is also helpful for upper lip and jawline areas.

Ulike IPL Hair Removal Hand Set:

Ulike devices are designed with the latest technology that specifically targets the hair follicle to damage them and cease the growth of hairs. Ulike has also launched two devices that are portable and effective in hair removal. You can learn more about IPL hair removal by reading more about Ulike devices;

  1.     Ulike Sapphire Air+ IPL Hair Removal Handset
  2.     Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Handset

These are designed with FDA-approved guidelines to experience skin-safe technology.

        i.            Fast and Effective:

Ulike IPL Hair removal devices are fast and effective and you can notice visible results in just 4 weeks. They work on the same principle as Braun to damage hair follicles and cease the growth of hairs.

Ulike latest device has 5 different levels to target all parts of the body equally.  It is quick enough to treat the whole body in just 10 minutes.

  ii.            Ice Cooling Technology:

Ulike Sapphire IPL devices have ice-cooling technology that reduces the heat intensity on the upper skin layer and gives painless experiences. Like Braun IPL devices, Ulike devices also have patent auto sensors that detect the skin tone and set the intensity automatically.

In a nutshell, Braun IPL devices are a very popular and solid option in the IPL device race because of their fast, easy, straightforward, and quality hair removal device. On the other hand, Ulike is also going side by side to give the best results at the lowest possible cost.

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