Everything You Need To Know About Investing

Online traders may find themselves overwhelmed with information of any kind, good and bad, right and wrong info, that the internet may offer to them regarding trading stocks online or while they’re looking for some insight for investing in a specific asset.

There are so many online brokers in the business, everyone and each of them with their offers, pros, cons and features that make them unique. Because of it, traders may find themselves wondering where they should move their focus, and why.

Luckily for us, on we can find all of that info, and much more, as we’ll see in our review about this website. Its History

Founded in 2014, has started as a review aggregator, and it has born thanks to three young but yet promising Italian financial experts which focus felt on the online trading platforms and everything concerning that world.

They wanted to give a clear view about that world in the easiest and neat way available while giving accurate insights and information about every online broker available and their respective platforms.

But how does the website work, and why has it become so famous? Let’s answer this and many other questions that you’d have about it by analysing in detail two of the most representative sections of this website’s structure: its Broker Search and the Broker Comparison sections. Its Structure

Its structure looks quite neat and simple, with an user-friendly appeal and a clear division of the website’s main sections.

These are divided in 5, apparently quite basic main sections but which still contains plenty of features hidden in it.

In the specific, those are:

  • Broker Search;
  • Broker Comparison;
  • Reviews;
  • Best Brokers; Broker Search

The Broker Search is a basic feature that you can find in many websites, but on it you can find an in-depth touch that others review aggregators do not have. When you open this section anyway, you can choose between two options:

  • Advanced Search;
  • Help Me Choose a B

While the first option is a typical feature that you can find and see any elsewhere, the second option is where the site proves its value to us, the readers.

Once clicked on “Help me choose a broker”, Investingoal will start a query optimized to discover, after many specific questions, what is the real intent of our research, where’s our focus, what’s our, budget and, last but not least, it will also classify our trading entry level.

At the end of the query, the website will choose for us the best brokers for our needs, presenting them in a ranked list accompanied with a score:

  • Overall score;
  • Security score;
  • Cost score;
  • Trade score;
  • Education score.

This option may reveal to be essential if you have a newbie entry level and you’re approaching the first time the online trading world.

On the top of that, the results have an additional option called: “+ Add to compare”. Once clicked on that, it will lead us to the next section. Broker Comparison

Thanks to its abnormous database, the Broker Comparison section will give you the chance to compare two online brokers and analysing their distinctive features such as:

  • Broker rating;
  • Platform analysis;
  • Trading fees;
  • Specific features.

If you don’t know any broker to compare, the platform will automatically show you the most popular comparisons.

This instrument may reveal itself extremely useful not only if you are a newbie trader in search of a broker, but also if you are a veteran trader unsatisfied with your current situation and with the services offered by your actual broker. Comparing it with new ones for example, may give you the right insight to make the right decision about abandoning your old online broker for a new one.


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