After buying and using your bitcoins, the next thing that comes right into your mind is how to earn it. In this way, your bitcoin balance will increase, and that means you can have more chances of purchasing the products and services you want. Well, wonder no more, for we are going to provide you with the best options on how to earn bitcoins.

Use Compound Interest

It has been a fact that wealthy people do not do most of the work to make money for them. Instead, they let their money do the work for them. Well, they do this by simply utilizing the compound interest power, which is the exact thing to do with the bitcoin you own. Here, your bitcoins will not remain in your wallet, but it will be put in an interest-bearing account. This will help you earn a monthly bitcoin. BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) is only one of the products that provide their clients with interest after depositing bitcoins into their account.

You only need to deposit your bitcoins into a BIA, and the interest will now take care of the rest. Here, clients like you can easily earn rates from leading industries on bitcoins. Also, the best part of this step is that there are monthly interest compounds.  The interest you earned in bitcoin will proceed as a deposit in your BIA account at the monthly beginning. Then, as time goes by, you will also earn more interest as your balance is continuously growing and earning interest. To know more about bitcoin trading you can visit the official site

Get Paid

Several companies choose bitcoin to pay for rewards due to their fast and cheap transactions with blockchain. A variety of small jobs and tasks can now also let you earn bitcoins, such as:

  • Freelance Works
  • Reviewing Mobile Apps
  • Replying to Emails
  • Completing an Administrative Work
  • Taking Surveys

Earn is one of the platforms that you can use as the brightest cryptocurrency industries are already using it, such as the twins Winklevoss and Ravikant. After you’ve completed your professional profile, you can now start earning bitcoins by responding to messages from a business, researcher, or recruiter.

Another option is by heading to Jobs4Crypto Reddit or Cryptogrind as these are best for skilled and permanent jobs with bitcoin payment. You only need to be cautious when using this as there are trust issues between parties. However, if you are serious about working and earn bitcoins, you need to use an escrow service to ensure payment.

Earn Cash-Back

Lastly, you can also earn bitcoins by making a cash-back service such as Lolli. This site allows the users to cash-back and earns bitcoins after making an online purchase from a partner retailer. Here, there’s a lot of partner networks that include over 500 brands such as Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Best Buy, Gap, Overstock, and a lot more. Also, Lolli has similarities with other cash-back services like Ebates but differs in paying cash-back. In Ebates, it uses dollars while it’s bitcoin in Lolli.

Another way to earn bitcoin is with Pei as cash-back. Here, you are given a chance to unlock cash-back in USD or BTC. Aside from that, the app is so simple. First, you only need to debit cards, credit cards, and bank accounts to a secured account via Plaid. After that, once you shop in the Pei merchant community, cashbacks will be received directly to your Pei account. It also has a lot of partner brands such as 7-Eleven, Target, Chipotle, and a lot more. The best part of doing this is that you can earn bitcoin but still have a double-dip on rewards and points. Pei is considered one of the best ways to earn bitcoin passively without much work and thinking.

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