How To Stay Safe During the Pandemic This Winter

Whilst for a while it felt as though we were almost living in a post-pandemic world, the new Omicron variant has reminded us that we are still very much still living in the midst of an unpredictable pandemic. Unfortunately, Wintertime is notoriously bad for viruses as it provides them with the perfect condition to spread, leaving the already vulnerable in an even more frightening position.

However, there are a few tips we can all follow to protect ourselves and our loved ones this Winter, to help prevent the spread of COVID as well as other Winter viruses such as the Flu, common colds and norovirus.

  • Keep your hands clean

Sometimes it’s the most simple advice which can be the most effective. Don’t underestimate the power of keeping your hands clean! Washing your hands with soap is most effective at ridding your hands completely of germs, but if you’re out and about be sure to carry hand sanitiser and use it at regular intervals. This will kill any live bacteria or germs on your hands but wash them thoroughly at your earliest convenience – as this is the only way to thoroughly remove the bacteria from your hands. We recommend cleaning your hands before eating and preparing food, and avoiding touching your face when you’re out.

  • Wear a mask when in busy indoors spaces

You may be feeling a bit fed up with constantly having to wear a mask when you’re out and about, but it’s proven to be a highly effective way of preventing cross-contamination of germs. Not only can it prevent you from inhaling germs if an infected person sneezes or coughs, but it can also protect you from transferring germs from your hands to your mouth or nose when you subconsciously touch your face – something that we’re all guilty of doing without even realising. For a high level of protection, you might consider purchasing a respirator mask instead of a disposable mask. These masks provide incomparable levels of protection from particles including viruses. You can find a range of high-quality respirators at Pronto Direct, buy one for all of your family and save when you shop in bulk.

  • Keep your home ventilated, especially when you have visitors

Another risk that Winter brings with it when it comes to the transmission of viruses, including the Covid 19 virus, is that we tend to spend a lot more time indoors, including when socialising. It’s crucial that when you have visitors over during the colder months, that you open windows to help ventilate your home and keep fresh air flowing in. This is proven to have a really positive effect on removing any germ particles from the air and flushing them out.

  • Continue social distancing

If you’re visiting public indoors spaces over the Winter period, it’s a good idea to continue social distancing where possible. Especially if for any reason you are not wearing a mask. Keeping two meters distance from others can really be effective at controlling the spread of germs, and is a great way to protect yourself this Winter.

We hope we’ve helped you feel more confident about avoiding Winter germs, including Covid 19, this festive period. The more we all do to keep ourselves and others safe, the more protected we’ll all be.

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