How to Select the Perfect Gloves for Your Boxing Training?

Any combat sport like boxing is a great fitness workout also. You get to build strength, speed, and heart health in one training regimen. But those blows can be precise and well-targeted only when you wear the right equipment. Everyone knows they need a pair of gloves for this. The padded accessories in wide-ranging sizes are a shield for your hands while being comfortable on your skin during training and matches. Due to the evolution of combat sports, gloves have gained a lot of attention regarding their style and design. There is something for every sport, whether MMA, Muay Thai, boxing, or others. How do you know what suits you most?

Before you start training, check your options well. The fighters recommend looking at your glove from different angles would help. Here is how to do it.

Fit and functionality of the gloves

Securing the best boxing gloves requires two critical considerations – fit and performance. When you talk about fitting, your attention will automatically come down to the size that varies based on the glove’s weight in ounces. Every brand offers a sizing chart that mentions users’ weight, hand width, and height. A bulky glove will likely have more padding inside. Large fighters choose heavy ones, like 16-ounce. You must also select something based on your boxing class type. For instance, if everyone in your league uses 16s, you cannot opt for a 12-ounce one. Picking the right weight is crucial for your safety and your opponent’s. With the perfect fit, you can feel more agile. Ensure to get some opinions from your instructor and fellow boxers.

A well-fitting glove will strengthen your jabs and punches while saving your hand from injuries. When you try your gloves, they should firmly hold your wrists and have enough padding for your knuckles’ security. Check if you can fold your palm into a fist. Other aspects to look for are stitching, ergonomics, ventilation, and coziness. All these are necessary to enjoy both comfort and protection through your gloves.

The closure styles

Hook-and-loop and lace-up are the two clear categories. Don’t decide between them for yourself just because your favorite fighter uses one. Research your pick, as it will also allow you to save a few pennies. Many people select lace-ups for their appeal. But such styles require you to take help from someone to lace them up. The process can take up to 10 minutes. While professional fighters can opt for them, others should avoid these options and buy hook-and-loop gloves. These are easy to wear and remove. You can also get maximum wrist support from them without relying on others to help you wear one.

Evaluating your boxing glove choice from every angle is vital, as even the slightest difference can make or mar your training and sparring experience. Discuss options with your coach and fellow boxing partners to clarify the necessary elements or features of a perfect glove fit. Often, one gets it right if they focus on their personal preferences along with the requirements of the boxing style they play.

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