How to Integrate Your Wired Security System with Smart Home Technology

It is not surprising that homeowners are becoming more interested in smart home technologies as the globe becomes more linked. Home security is one industry where this trend is particularly evident. Homeowners can use several advantages by combining a wired security system with smart home technology, including voice control, remote monitoring, and sophisticated automation functions.

Here’s a closer look at how to combine innovative home technology with your wired security system to maximize these powerful features.

The Advantages of Including a Wired Security System in a Smart Home

Consider combining your wired security system with smart home technologies for various reasons. Just a few of the main advantages are as follows:

  • Voice Control: With smart home technology, you can use your voice to operate your security system. This implies you can use short voice instructions to activate or disarm the system, check its status, and view live video feeds.

  • One of the main benefits of smart home technology is the ability to monitor your house remotely. They can check on the home security system and receive alerts if anything is wrong, whether at work, on vacation, or simply out running errands.

  • Automation: Your security system can be automated by connecting wired security systems with smart home technology. For instance, when you arm your security system, you can set up rules to automatically switch on the lights, lock the doors, or set off an alarm if motion is detected in a specific area.

How to Integrate Your Wired Security System with Smart Home Technology

Integrating your wired alarm system with smart home technology doesn’t have to be challenging. It would help if you took the following actions:

Step 1: Choose a Smart Home Hub

The first step is choosing a smart home hub as the central command centre for all your devices. There are numerous choices, including Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Echo. When choosing a hub, take your unique requirements and preferences into account.

Step 2: Install the Hub and Connect Your Security System

It’s time to install your hub and connect your wired security system after your choice. After setting up your hub according to the instructions that came with it, connect your security system by using the proper cables and connectors.

Step 3: Add Smart Home Devices

It’s now time to connect your network with smart home appliances. This might include thermostats, door locks, and smart light bulbs. To connect each gadget to your smart home hub according to the instructions that came with it.

Step 4: Set Up Automation and Voice Control

It’s now time to configure the voice control and automation options. This may entail setting up speech commands that enable voice control of your security system or rules that initiate specific actions when motion or arming of your security system is detected.

Ajax Systems Wired and Smart Solutions

Ajax Systems offers both wired and smart home security solutions that can be integrated to offer the highest level of security and convenience. While the company’s smart home solutions offer cutting-edge automation features and remote monitoring capabilities, its wired security systems are made to offer dependable and robust protection for homes and businesses. By combining these two methods, homeowners can have the best of both worlds and guarantee their property is always protected.


Integrating your wired security system with smart home technology is a great way to upgrade your home security. Thanks to voice control, remote monitoring, and advanced automation options, you may have more convenience and peace of mind than ever before. You can make the most of this potent technology and ensure your property is constantly safeguarded by following the above mentioned measures and considering solutions, such as those provided by Ajax Systems.

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