How Important are Windows to a Commercial Building’s Safety and Security?

When designing a commercial building, there are a number of factors that have to be considered. However, the safety and security capabilities of the space are perhaps the most important. There are various means of ensuring a building is safe and secure, be it through security alarms or automatic locks.

Windows are something we take for granted. It can be easy to assume they are merely a superficial addition to a building and that they have no real practical use. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, windows are incredibly important, and advanced electric window openers can be used to ensure that a commercial building is always safe and secure. Let’s find out more.

Protecting Against Break-Ins

Commercial buildings are often used to house expensive professional equipment, valuables, stock, and large sums of cash. This makes them an attractive target for burglars, especially since commercial buildings are generally only occupied at specific times of the day.

When looking for a way to access a commercial building, criminals will often target the windows. These can present an easy point of access for thieves to enter should a window inadvertently be left open overnight.  As the owner of a commercial space, going around your building every night to ensure the windows are closed can be a time-consuming process. How can you ensure your windows do not pose a threat without having to manually check them yourself on a regular basis?

The answer is through the use of electric window openers. These are fully automated windows that can open and close without the need for any physical human input. For example, you could programme your windows to close in tandem with the close of business. This will ensure that no windows are left open overnight and significantly reduce the risk of break-ins.

Fire Safety

If a fire was to break out in your commercial building, the consequences could be catastrophic. It is your duty as the owner of a commercial space to ensure there are viable escape routes that occupants should use in case of a fire.

A fire can spread through a building and make exits like doors inaccessible. In a situation like this, the occupants of the building will need to use the windows to escape. However, traditional manually-operated windows can become stuck and difficult to open, which could have severe implications in an emergency like a fire. With electric window openers, you can connect your windows to your fire alarm system so that they are open in the event of a fire, allowing occupants to escape safely.

Temperature Regulation

Humans are extremely sensitive to temperature changes. Being too hot or too cold can lead to potentially serious side effects like hypothermia or heat stroke. This is why regulating the temperature in commercial buildings is so important, and one of the most effective ways to do so is with the windows.

Electric windows can be programmed to open when the temperature exceeds a certain point, and then close when it drops below a certain level. This allows you to regulate the temperature in your commercial building without having to open and close the windows yourself.

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