Google Workspace Costs – What do They Consist of?

Google’s productivity apps power all modern offices near and far, remote, hybrid or in person schedules. Under the branding of Google Workspace, Google brought together apps and services like Gmail, Google Drive, Meet, Docs and all the other text, numbers and media editors. The package of all productivity tools is here to stay for all modern companies and enterprises and here is what you need to know about all Google Workspace costs.

What is Google Workspace?

Previously known as G Suite, Workspace is a Google-owned service platform that provides productivity applications, collaboration tools, and cloud storage for small or large businesses.

You might already be familiar with some of the Workspace apps, so here are all the tools you will get access to with a Google Workspace licence:

  • Gmail, for email
  • Google Docs, a word processor application
  • Google Sheets, for spreadsheets
  • Google Slides, for presentations
  • Google Drive, for cloud storage
  • Google Meet, for video calls
  • Google Chat, a messaging app
  • Google Calendar, a virtual calendar
  • Google Forms, for online surveys
  • Google Currents, a virtual bulletin board
  • Google Keep, a note taking platform
  • Google Sites
  • Jamboard

Google Workspace: Subscriptions and pricing

Starting with a maximum of 100 users in a video conference and 30 GB of cloud storage space and leading up to 500 users in a Meet call and unlimited storage, discover a brief description of all the Workspace subscription plans and their costs, in FOTC’s offering:

  • Google Workspace Business Starter at 4,68 EUR / month net per user
  • Google Workspace Business Standard at 9,36 EUR / month net per user
  • Google Workspace Business Plus at 15,6 EUR / month net per user
  • Google Workspace Enterprise where you need to contact sales for a personalised pricing

For the starter subscription, each of your employees will have its own Gmail address with the company’s domain, access to all the productivity applications and 30 GB of Drive storage. This business edition also includes control and safety management and basic Google tech support.

Upgrading to Google Workspace Business Standard, you will get all the previous package features and a 2 TB storage space upgrade. Among the extra services in the Standard package you will also get the expansion of the number of participants in a video conference to 150 users.

Coming up on the next upgrade, to Business Plus edition, you will get extra storage – 5 TB -, up to 500 users in a video conference. In addition to basic technical support, on the Plus edition you will get security control and management, including Vault and advanced access point management.

With the most advanced features of the Enterprise version, your company will have unlimited storage, advanced settings and capabilities. This package, also divided into Essentials, Standard and Google Workspace Enterprise Plus variants, is the most powerful edition of the Google suite and includes unlimited cloud space for each user, advanced management and security options, extensive video conferencing options and close control on monthly costs. To find out a price for these licences, contact FOTC cloud specialists directly.

Are there any ways to get Google Workspace subscriptions for free?

There is a way to get a completely free Google Workspace plan, available only for the Workspace for Education subscription. One of the subdivisions of this plan is called Fundamentals and includes up to 10.000 free licences and access to the Google apps and services.

To benefit from this plan, the institution must be accredited and regulated by the authorities and provide nationally or internationally recognized education certificates for primary, secondary or higher education.

By choosing the right plan for you and your company’s needs, you will have Google Workspace’s backup as a business plan. At FOTC, we have helped and continue to help many businesses on their cloud adventure with Google Workspace. Now that you understand exactly your company’s admin needs, contact us to recommend the best package for your business.

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