Gamban Vs. GamStop Exclusion

In the recent period of time, you have heard of Gamban and GamStop. These are blocking platforms. In other words, these offer you the ability to apply for their self-exclusion program. As such, you won’t be able to gamble at casinos that support the mentioned networks. The goal is to help gamblers who have or may have an addiction problem and to make gambling fairer and safer in general.

A gambler will create an account on both of these platforms and provide needed information. After that, all casinos that are members of Gamban or GamStop will lock the account of that gambler or prevent him from registering. There are a few differences between these two. Don’t forget that there are over 2 million people in the United Kingdom that may suffer from gambling addiction.

What is Gamban

Gamban is an older platform and was established back in 2015. It is also known as a more advanced platform due to the fact they offer a self-exclusion process but also offer various treatments and help to players with gambling addiction. If you are registered here, the only way to gamble is to look at any non Gamban casino with NonGamStopBets, those casino sites will offer you the highest-quality service, games from best software providers, and many more.

Another advantage is the fact the network covers casino and bingo sites. All site members of the UKGC are members of the Gamban. A player needs to register and choose the length of the self-exclusion program. After that, all sites that are members of the organization will be blocked for the specified duration. After the selected time, a player can remove the ban and continue gambling.

Gamban isn’t a free service. They have fees that a player must pay. On the other hand, these fees are low and usually very affordable. Gamban is also known for its rewards. They won RegTech Provider of the Year in 2019 and they got Software Rising Star Award back in 2018 at EGR B2B Awards.

This network can help you ban gambling applications as well. This is one of the main advantages of the provider. Players who suffer from gambling addiction or notice the first symptoms can use this provider and get help before their symptoms develop even more.

What is GamStop

GamStop was launched back in 2018 and it is known as NOSES or better said National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme. They are completely free to use and they cover casino sites members of the UKGC. The self-exclusion method works similarly due to the aforementioned provider. A player will register and after that, all sites will limit access. The goal is to prevent gambling addiction and get help when needed. You can choose the duration of the ban for 6 months. After that, you can continue using it or remove it.

GamStop is extremely popular. One reason is the number of sites they cover. They cover a lot of them and they also offer different self-exclusion schemes. As a user, you can choose a ban for 6 months, 1, or even 5 years. The registration is simple, but your account will have to be approved. There are no fees of any kind and GamStop is actually a non-profit organization. You can see their logo on the homepage of all UKGC sites.

Using the organization is safe, simple, and easy. There are no issues related to this network and there are no complications. The goal is the same. GamStop is used to help people with gambling addiction and to prevent them from gambling when they have this issue. It is only possible to remove the ban after the self-exclusion period is over. You cannot remove it before that.

Gamban Vs GamStop

Both of these are similar platforms that do the same thing, in a similar way but there are some differences. All you need to remember is that Gamban is older, it isn’t free and it is used to block bingo and casino sites. GamStop is a completely free program that works in the same way and they offer a self-exclusion period of between 6 months and 5 years. Both of them share the same characteristic. You cannot remove the self-exclusion process until it expires. Only after it is done you can remove it and continue gambling. Both platforms are very popular and convenient.

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