Eye Tests: What to Expect; Preparation before Seeing Your Optician

Your eyes are one of the body parts you use in your everyday life. This is why having an eye test is very important. Especially nowadays with the imposed lockdowns due to the pandemic, people are turning to their screens more and more.

The light emitted by phones and desktops screens is notorious for degrading eye health in time. To prove this point, a research study by Ofcom shows that 80% of United Kingdom consumers own a smartphone that they use every day–That’s before the pandemic! What more now? With that, getting your eyes checked should be high in your list of priorities.

Are you worried about your vision? Please don’t fret; we got everything you need to learn about eye tests and ways to prepare. This article will help you get ready for your appointment with your local Optician and ensure that your eye health is in optimal condition.

The following are commonly asked questions by people who intend to know more about their vision. With this, we compiled all the answers you need to learn more about the eye test procedure.

What is an Eye Test?

An eye test is a series of testing that is done to determine the quality of your vision. It is also conducted to prescribe the lenses or glasses that fit your vision needs.

Your Optician will use various instruments that include use of a letter chart, an ophthalmoscope, among other tools.

Who Conducts Eye Tests?

An Optician in Gray will conduct the initial eye tests. The procedure is done to provide the facts you need to know to see more clearly. You can avail of an Optician’s services by visiting your local eye clinics.

In choosing someone to handle your eye health, don’t just consider their availability. Take into account their reputation, cost, what they stand for, among other factors. For example, Opticians in Grays are known to provide high-quality experiences of eye tests. They use state of the art equipment, effective lenses and accommodating service.

What are the Most Common Eye Tests?

The most common eye tests opticians do are ‘autorefraction and ‘tonometry’. The auto-refraction test will give the tester an estimate of glasses or lenses prescription you might need. Meanwhile, tonometry will measure the pressure of the insides of the eye.

What Questions do Opticians ask during an Eye Test?

The Optician usually asks questions about your visual experience and the possible problems you’re having with your eyes. It can be a recent experience or one you might have already felt way back.

Questions about your family history can also come up. This is because a number of eye problems are transferable through genetics.

What to Expect During an Eye Test?

The test, also known as the ‘refraction’ test for your eyes, is the usage of a chart with letters in it. With this, different lenses will be placed in front of your eye while the Optician uses trained ways to tailor fit your prescription to your needs.

After the test, the result prescription will determine the intensity of the contact lenses grays you need for your right and left eye. This will correct or help your vision. Amid the eye test, the Optician tests the state of the eye and its various structures. This is usually done with an ophthalmoscope and other tools.

How important is it to Get Checked?

Eye tests thoroughly help in ensuring the good health of your eyes. The tests are necessary not just in their capacity to indicate whether you need to start using glasses or contact lenses or even to update your prescription, but it is also helpful in detecting some common eye conditions such as cloudy vision, floaters, among other eye problems that might benefit from early intervention.

Opticians can also evaluate the blood vessels in the eyes. With this, they can easily detect high blood pressure, macular degeneration, levels of cholesterol, among other health issues. This means eye tests are also thorough checkups.

Eye tests are not just for your vision. The tests are also done to ensure your whole body’s health.

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