Do Smart Window Coating Control Light and Heat Transmission

Electrically controlled glass with variable transparency is used in the design of the interiors. Such solutions are used for medical facilities, office centers, conference rooms, retail and commercial facilities.

Partitions are made of special glasses. Lightweight and sleek designs are great for space zoning. Unlike traditional transparent partitions, the professional coating services that make smart windows will allow you to work with maximum comfort, “not in plain sight” and without the use of additional blinds and curtains.

Where are smart windows used for?

In the houses, apartments, glass that changes transparency is used:

  • for full glazing of windows (ceiling, bathroom) and partial glazing (panoramic windows);
  • for balconies, loggias, decoration of winter gardens and interior doors;
  • as partitions of shower stalls or corners.
  • This design solution will make the room more comfortable.

Smart-glass is also used on the wall as a projector screen. In the automotive industry, the material is used for hatches, side glazing, and in the design of yachts. Also for decorative purposes, drawing on the glass is possible.

Benefits of using smart windows

The main thing that can be achieved using smart glass with adjustable transparency is some features in daily use. Here are the main benefits of professional coating services for windows.

Tinting helps make the glare of the sun more pleasing to the eyes. This is especially true for rooms with south-facing windows. Thanks to the ability to control darkening, the tint will make the room more functional. In the daytime, it will protect from ultraviolet radiation, bright sun, infrared radiation, and in the evening the glass can be made completely transparent, which will make the room bright.

Electronic tinting is a good insulator of heat and sound, which saves energy when the air conditioner is operating: cool air will not escape into the atmosphere through the window. Electronic glass tinting will protect furniture, wallpaper, and carpet from burnout. It is much more effective than curtains if you want passers-by or neighbors not to look into your room in the evening. At the same time, you will be able to freely view the street.

In winter, even the turned-off toning will help keep warm, since it will not allow warm air to leave the room. You will immediately notice how much quieter it has become in the house: it doesn’t matter if you use a special double-glazed unit or stick a film on your existing windows.

The appearance of the windows will look attractive. Electric tinting can have different shades, it can decorate your home from the outside, but from the inside, it will be almost invisible. Caring for the film is simple, it does not require any specific actions. You can clean the window with ordinary window sponges, using liquid glass detergents.

The film will make the glass more durable. It is glued either from the inside, or t is located between the glass panes. It is much more difficult to break such a window, and if someone succeeds in doing this, there will be no small fragments in your apartment, since the film will prevent them from getting inside the room.

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