Can I Afford a Tutorial College?

In the current scenario, tutorial colleges are accredited private sixth form colleges and independent schools. They are now alternatives to traditional schools and provide private tutors. Tutorial colleges offer intensive revision courses and focus on the conventional belief of a tutorial system where class size is limited.

But because a tutorial college is private and often offers individual or small group tuition, it is understandable that it is more expensive than regular schools. If attending a tutorial college is now an essential alternative, is it affordable?

Private Institution

If you are considering enrolling in a tutorial college, remember that it is a private institution. Thus, you need to pay a fee, which would be nearly the same rate as what a regular private school charges. For example, a one-year full-time course in a private school would cost around £10,000 to £33,000 (estimates). Therefore, you can expect to pay approximately £20,000 to £22,000 if you enrol in a tutorial college.

Shorter Stay in School

At first glance, you would think that getting into a tutorial college is only for the rich, given the fees that a school can charge. But think about this. If you are attending a private school, you will be staying there for four or five years, so you have to multiply the annual fee by the years you are likely to remain in the private school. But in a tutorial college like, you are likely to stay for one academic year, thus, you will spend less.

Part-Time or Shorter Courses

You have more options from a tutorial college. In some cases, taking only part-time or shorter courses is more appropriate, which are less expensive. For example, you only need to improve your grade in one or two A Level subjects to enter your desired university. In addition, you can choose to finish a course in one term or do it in a single academic year. Offering flexibility to students is one feature of a tutorial college that other schools cannot provide.

Personalised Instructions

A tutorial college limits the size of its classes; thus, you will receive personalised instructions even if you are in a group. Likewise, most tutorial colleges offer one-to-one instructions and even online instructions. Each option provides a different range of fees, so you can choose one that is more convenient and affordable. Moreover, the tutoring system provides students higher academic and personal support that regular schools do not offer.

You Learn More

In a tutorial college, the level of instruction is intensive and focused. As such, students are bound to learn more. Furthermore, the courses fit the student’s needs, with no other secondary subjects that can take their focus away from the specific subjects.

Understanding what you need is key to attending a tutorial college that’s more affordable. Thus, you should carefully assess your needs before you commit to enrolling. Moreover, choose the tutorial college that offers more features and options, including instalment plans, discounts, and other concessions that will make the fees worth it.

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