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All good sports bettors rely on strategy. They don’t just go with what they feel in their guts. Instead, they let the numbers do the talking. And that’s how they avoid making losses by being subjective. The good news is that you can also learn how to strategize, regardless of your betting expertise. Say you want to learn about arbitrage before sinking your money into it. Is there a way to do so? Sure! You can scope the internet for sources, or you can grab a book and soak up its wisdom. And today, we focus on the latter, helping you nail the best sports betting books in the market.


‘Gambling Wizards’: Conversations with the World’s Greatest Gamblers’ 

It’s always best to get betting advice from someone who has been there and done that. And who better to trust than Richard Munchkin, a man who paid his way through college by betting! That’s right – he started by playing backgammon before moving on to more complicated games. His book details his conversations with other gamblers, including race bettors. It allows you to gain insight into how these people managed to eke a living out of their gambling habits. Besides, it also gives the game a twist by adding some interactive storytelling that keeps you hooked till the end. Oh, and if you’re wondering how backgammon stories can help you nail sports betting, the answers in the book will surprise you!


The Signal & the Noise 

We can all agree that probability and risk are not the easiest concepts to grasp. But with Nate Silver to the rescue, you will have an opportunity to learn just how these work in relation to predictions. His book covers real-life examples, walking you through the outcomes of the bets. If you can understand the math behind predictions, you will make much better wagers over time. 


Fixed-Odds Sports Betting 

Are you into formal reads that get to the point without dragging you along a never-ending path? If that’s you, then Joseph Buchdahl is your type of author. He dives right in, offering insights on how you can be a better bettor. His advice delves into everything, from how to bet to choosing strategies, down to how to manage your bankroll. By leaving no stone unturned, Joseph has drafted one of the most insightful betting books you will ever come across. That way, you can use his advice to develop a betting strategy that most people cannot hack. And what’s more, his strategies work for all sports markets. If you’re in sports betting to make some good money, then this is the book for you. But if you’re not interested in everything that goes into betting, consider the next book, which has a lighter grasp on the matter.


The Man with the $100,000 Breasts: and Other Gambling Stories 

The title is quite engaging, but are the stories all that? Of course! And with a title that captivating, we could not expect anything less of Michael Konik, who takes gamblers on a path, enabling them to peer into the gambling world from an outsider’s perspective. He details the stories of bettors and why they chose the betting paths. Moreover, he uses real examples to go into what it takes to be a successful bettor. And because most people reading this book want tips on how they can win more, he includes some exciting suggestions for bettors at all levels. So, this is a good read for any bettor.



What happens when you put an operations research specialist to the task of writing a sports betting book? Well, if Wayne L Winston is the author to go by, you get a fantastic sports betting book that covers almost everything to do with placing wagers. And while you might expect the book to take on a formal approach, it’s pretty interesting. As you flip through the pages, you start to understand how betting is just a game of numbers. And if you get it right, then you can increase your winnings by a great deal. Oh, and despite Wayne being a math genius, he somehow manages to write a book that any bettor can understand. And in doing so, he covers all the major sports to help you understand just how live betting works. So, don’t shy away from reading this book for fear that it might be too mathematical.


Are Sports Betting Strategies That Important?

There are numerous reasons punters continue to rely on a sports betting strategy:

  • It reduces the time spent betting because you’ve already hacked the right way to place wagers.
  • It minimizes your risks because your moves come down to some set standards. 
  • You get to make more money, and we all want to maximize our profits. 

If these perks appeal to you, consider grabbing a book to learn more about the best possible strategies. And as a bonus, consider reading Lay the Favourite by Beth Raymer. It delves into the darker side of sports betting, serving as a reminder that bankroll management is always essential.

All the best!

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