Rich Variety of Gambling in Online Casinos

One thing all of the reputable casinos have in common is a diverse game library. Those who are regular players rarely experience 50% of what online casinos have to offer, simply because there are thousands of different games. Those who haven’t tried or gambled at a casino might think that all of its content is just a reskin of the same game, but that’s not really true. Australia has a massive number of gambling enthusiasts and they know that casino online pokies are very different. After all, they spend hours researching different operators based on the games they offer, and the type of bonuses they have.

The point is, there is a rich variety of gambling content in both online and land-based casinos. From online bingo canada to in-person slots, here is a selection of traditional or classic, and new and improved games for everyone. Here we will be discussing the type of content that is available on gambling sites, and explain why this branch of the gaming industry is still relevant.


Types of Pokies in Online Casinos

Pokies or slots are the most played content in both land-based and online casinos. Given the high popularity and demand, most software developers mainly work on new and improved slot games. Many immediately think of the classic slot of fruit machines whenever someone mentions pokies, but the reality is really different. So let’s see what are some main subcategories of this game section.



These are typically slots with 3 reels and a single payline. This is the old-school design that many players love and are fully aware of how it works. It is designed to mimic the old machines with a big lever that really popularized casinos in Las Vegas. In fact, most of the modern or updated slots take this core design and build on top of it. Even today we have games that attempt to capture that initial theme, as many gamblers simply feel nostalgic and want to experience the essence of slots.



These are some of the earliest video slots, and probably the most played type in any online and land-based casino. When casinos started to move away from machines and began to rely on computer software, a lot of the design restrictions were removed. This allowed them to create different ways to win and they were no longer restricted to a single straight line. 5-reel slots have multiple paylines, and the wager amount for each spin is calculated using the number of paylines. So if there are 25 ways to win, and the minimum wagering amount is $0.01 then each spin will cost $0.25.


Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpot pokies tend to have a big player base as they have the highest rewards. Any slot game regardless of its design can have a progressive jackpot feature. This means that the prize pool for the jackpot grows as more players are playing and spending their money. So, a new progressive jackpot game might not have a big player base, but it will easily grow once the jackpot passes a certain threshold.


Mini-games Slots

Many modern slots have a bonus round that includes a sort of a mini-game. This is a unique way to change things up and to stay true to the theme. In most cases, though, you simply get a few free spins that have a big multiplier and that have a higher occurrence of wild symbols. However, there are instances where developers are truly creative and even add skill-based mechanics that the younger audience really enjoys. This way you have more control over the outcome, and you are not constantly doing the same thing.

Alternatively, they can have a 5-reel slot where each symbol has a special feature. This opens up possibilities for all sorts of fun interactions, and you never know what to expect. Additionally, the game becomes more volatile, which can be a good thing, depending on what you like as a player.


Different Paylines Slots

Some titles completely ignore the established formula and treat paylines in a different way. You can see games that resemble Candy Crush or Bejeweled, as symbols can be combined in all sorts of ways. Basically, if 3 or more symbols are in either a horizontal or vertical line, they give you points, and as they disappear the board state changes, opening up new possibilities for symbols to align.


These were all just general examples, and it’s important to note that each title is unique in its own way, or plays around with the design formula. Regardless of the design though, there are some general rules or strategies that can help you win or improve your odds. So, don’t be too hesitant to try out different pokies, after all almost every casino allows you to play a demo version.


Table Casino Games

Although slots are the most popular content, there is a big chunk of gambling enthusiasts that simply don’t find them appealing. They prefer to play games that have a higher RTP and that allow players to rely on some sort of strategy.

Video poker, roulette, and baccarat are all good examples of high RTP or low house-edge games. Additionally, all of these games were around for decades and are considered classic entertainment. That being said, all of them lack a certain dynamic and unpredictability that can make them more interesting. This is why many players love to play a few rounds of Craps just to change things up. This game is all about the dice roll and filled with ups and downs.

As for those who love to rely on strategy and wits they can always play blackjack, or play at casinos that host poker rooms. Unlike video poker, regular poker allows you to play with other people, and here you can bluff, and get into the heads of your opponents. Blackjack on the other hand is all about weighing your odds and relying on statistical information. Those who are really keen can also try to count cards, and increase their odds even further.


Sports Betting

Typically smaller companies only provide casino games, as acquiring a license for that content is a priority for them. However, some of the most trusted and reputable gambling sites also have sports betting options. These platforms have exceptionally high traffic, as sports fans often love to place wagers. Furthermore, there are special events like presidential elections which open up new wagering options for gambling enthusiasts.

For many, betting on sports isn’t even considered gambling, as you really need to rely on the available information or your knowledge of competitors. As a result, sports betting is completely legal in places like the US, whereas online casino games are not.

We have also seen an increase in types of bets that users can place, and one of the most recent additions is live betting. Live bets are completely unpredictable and they are only available for a short time. Basically, they are about a specific situation that happens in a sports match and you can bet on whether a team will score or not.



Many operators host bingo or other lottery-type entertainment. This can be very fun, especially if you are playing with people you know. It’s all about the luck of the draw, and yet it can become suspenseful and intense once you are near the end. It would be great to see more live events like these, given how streaming technology has made its way into the world of online casinos.


Live Dealer Games

Finally, we have the live dealer games, which are basically a sub-section of table games. Blackjack, Baccarat, and Craps all have their live version, and the idea is to make the experience more authentic. Players get to communicate with the real person or the dealer, and they can also see each other using a camera feed.



As you can see, online casino content can be quite diverse, and there is pretty much something for everybody. Ever since ancient times, people were drawn to gambling, and have had an urge to test their luck. This is something we all have in common regardless of nationality or social status. Almost one-third of the human population loves to gamble and we have all sorts of different games available.

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