Best Mr Slotty online slots 

Although there are a variety of slot providers, there are very rarely any new ones – try Aztec Bonanza slot.

However, one new provider which has managed to capture the public’s imagination has been the Mr Slotty provider.

Who are Mr Slotty 

When they first sign up to online gaming, players will be offering a wide ranging amount of choice for a casino. These casinos will all offer certain games and will have specific bonuses available to newer players. Over time, players can switch between casinos but they will always have their favourites. Mr Slotty is a new online casino that is becoming increasingly popular amongst players. Although it is new, it is building up a stellar reputation for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons that this online casino is popular is because of the easy to use interface, there is nothing more frustrating than an online casino which is difficult to use due to it’s design, Mr Slotty is well laid out and easy to understand for players. 


Despite being a relatively new provider, Mr Slotty has managed to build up a nice reputation for itself thanks to it’s good service and nice mixture of games. The following are some of the features which players can expect from a Mr Slotty provider. 

  1. Simple and easy to understand theme – One element that always creeps up with Mr Slotty is their love of simplicity. This is not a bad thing either as it keeps their games easy to play and simple to understand.
  2. Good graphics and animations – They may love simplicity in their slot themes but their graphics and animations are anything but. With amazing graphics which help their games to stand out and fluid animations which bring characters to life, Mr Slotty has some beautiful slot games for players to enjoy.

Bad casino provider signs 

Although Mr Slotty is a good casino provider, there are several others out there who are not. Luckily, there are signs that players can lookout for which will indicate that the online site they are using is not reputable. 

  •     Poor reviews – One of the biggest indications that a site is not reputable is the response from other players. If a site is getting consistently bad reviews, it may be time to consider that perhaps they just offer bad service to players. Although you cannot please everybody, if multiple players are complaining about poor service and negative experiences, it is generally wise to avoid these sites.
  •     No GC logo – The Gambling Commission are a regulatory body who monitor and hold in check all casino providers that players will encounter. A site who meets their standards will have to display their logo somewhere on their main page, sites without this logo are operating illegally and must be avoided at any cost.

Final Thoughts 

Mr Slotty has managed to build up a stellar reputation amongst players, despite being a newer provider. If they continue to provide great service to players, there is no reason why they won’t be considered one of the very best in the future.

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