Benefits of Live streaming On Twitch

Though it is one of the biggest live streaming platforms, Twitch is usually overlooked when it comes to non-gaming content. Unknown to most people is that Twitch has a whole category just devoted to anything artistic.

The good news is that those who were previously oblivious to these are privy to “Creative”. The categories involved range from coding to cooking to painting. The content that is to be live streamed is either in the gaming category or creative category. Here are some advantages of live streaming on Twitch.


  1. Twitch Communities

As per the content of your output, Twitch separates it into different categories that make it easy for the interested viewers to locate it. There’s no need to wonder how to get Twitch followers because there are several websites that help in this regard. The range of communities is very wide. It ranges from food to coding and music. With this, gaining viewers becomes easier as compared to other platforms where such communities don’t exist.

To paint the picture, think of it this way. You are into music and you live stream your content on Twitch. Just by doing so, you will start meeting other similar musicians who share your visions. From there you gain followers; not just new followers but also those Twitch followers who also follow the person you just met on the internet.


  1. Add Overlays to your Stream

While all live streaming platforms allow sharing of both creative and gaming content, one of the limitations of the platforms is the ability to decorate the videos. Now With Twitch, all of these problems will affect you no more. Now Twitch has a live app that has several options of preinstalled overlays to choose from.

There is an option of adding normal text to the video. Even lower thirds are included here. Moreover, the live app has a scoreboard that improves the quality of the content if working from a sporting event. Even while doing all these, the autonomy of the content creator is in check as it allows them to add stock graphics that comes with the app or choose to add captions from the iPads photo library. Who will follow your boring content while other competing content is more appealing? Embrace the graphics that are in Twitch live streaming platform to have a more authentic and a professional outlook than just any random live stream.

Since Twitch has its market expanded beyond just gaming, it’s worth considering it for your videos just so you have numbers as it pertains to followers. Studies show that Twitch is the most popular live stream website which can really boost you when it comes to having more following. Embrace this platform and get your content to the level that you desire.


  1. Twitch Chat Integration

One of the cornerstones of Twitch live streaming is interacting with viewers. Twitch live streaming provides charting options just the way you love it. Even better iPad streamers are allowed more access into their streams.

The options have been incorporated into the bottom of the live chart. This is the grill though; its main interface just operates as a normal chart would. A beginner would therefore have easy time using the chart options to interact with its viewers as no training is required. To paint this picture, just imagine live streaming content that meets the required standard by your followers. Then after some time, boom? The followers start leaving one after another.

If you aren’t using the Twitch live streaming you wouldn’t be able to interact with your followers at a personal level and know their grievances. However, if Twitch live streaming is your go to site, you will easily avoid such occurrences since your followers will be leaving their comments on the videos. This will help you to better the contents to meet their standards.


  1. Easy to connect

Being the biggest livestream, Twitch has the most accommodating programming interface. It comes with Live air which is integrated with Twitch’s interface .This also allows for connection with  Twitch accounts which takes only a few clicks to set up. This takes livestreaming to a new level.

Wondering how to dive into live streaming? Twitch got you covered. It has several packages that are just designed for your category of content. Don’t wait. Just dive into it and start enjoying your hobby today.

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