B2B Existing Customer Base: How Can You Market Yourself Twice?

Unlike B2C, a B2B company focuses the majority of its efforts on generating repeat customers. According to recent studies, as much as 30% of revenue is secured through repeat customers, with 65% of B2B companies successfully upselling to these retained businesses.

That is not to say it is necessarily an easy task. There is a balancing act between acquiring new customers and retaining current ones that need to be carefully measured. In many ways, your job as a B2B company is to continuously market yourself (as well as the service or product) in order to keep the attention and engage current clients.

As mentioned previously, 65% of B2B companies are not only committed but are successful in achieving this, demonstrating the amount of reliable and impactful avenues that you can go down. For more information, here are a few of those avenues and how they can be useful in repeat marketing:

Customer Loyalty Programs As An Incentive

There are many B2B marketing channels to explore, with one of the most impactful being customer loyalty programs for existing clients. Once a customer has already bought from you, a loyalty program gives them an incentive to stick around and keep utilising your services. Without a program like this, customers can easily be led astray by competitors, so this is a crucial protective net which can help to keep them loyal to you.

Social Media Is A Telephone Line

In many ways, social media takes the form of a telephone line between the customer and the client, which never gets cut off. As a B2B company, you can utilise this in order to remind your customers of your product and services and why they need them. This is also a good way to actively communicate and provide some transparency about your operations.

Long Form Content Can Actively Engage

While the last few years have seen a trend of short and snappy content, recently, the art of long-form content has come back to the forefront of digital marketing. This is a great way to give customers more of a factual, detailed account of what you are providing and why your services are so crucial. Once again, transparency is important here. There is a certain mysticism and teasing about short content, and while it can be alluring to new customers, it doesn’t give existing customers the information that they require going forward.

Personalised Advertising To Be Unique

When it comes to the relationship between you and your customers, you should try to make each one as personalised as possible. To do this, sending out personalised direct mail or emails can be perfect for engaging specific customers and making them feel valued by your company. Simply by adding a name to direct mail can increase response rates by 135%, so when you continue to market yourself, try to keep on the customers’ level and make the marketing unique to them.

Events Can Help Put A Face To The Business

Creating and attending physical events can be a great way to put faces to the businesses you are operating with. One of the most important parts of any business is the relationships that you form, and whilst online meetings or social media can be beneficial platforms to maintain these relationships, nothing beats the face-to-face value of an event. By doing this, you can formulate conversations and continue to market yourself in a way that goes far beyond any digital media.

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