Amazing Transformations with Actuators That House Owners Will Appreciate

With actuators, you can transform your home completely. If you aren’t so ambitious to change both the interior and exterior, you might be interested in some practical and easy-to-implement automation ideas that will increase the functionality of your accommodation without making it loaded with things.

Your Home Office Needs a Major Upgrade

One of the most useful projects would be automating your traditional desk and turning it into the most advanced height-adjustable item. For that, you need to buy electric table frames, and to get some tools if you still don’t have them.

When you have everything, you are ready for your important automation project:

  • Remove the top of the old desk;
  • Install it onto the lifting frame;
  • Fix it, all the elements are included in the set;
  • Test it.

Now, your new adjustable desk is ready! It is highly beneficial for your health, productivity, and it makes the entire space look advanced and high-tech.

Add automated shelves to make the interior complete. Divide a usual shelf into two parts and turn the front part into a drop-down item. Use a lift system for that. Such shelves will help you to save plenty of space and arrange all the things you need for work in the most convenient way.

If you don’t use shelves, a rotatable organizer will help you to keep your desk ordered.

Your Kitchen Needs Improvement

Does it happen to you that you constantly want to buy a new item but you know that your kitchen cannot accommodate it anymore? If it happens, it means that your kitchen needs some improvement. What about some automation ideas that will change forever the way you use your kitchen space?

A Lift Platform for the Biggest Devices

You might need a food processor from time to time, but you might have no space for it. The same pain can be felt regarding an electric kettle that could improve your life level. And who doesn’t dream about a nice coffee machine that isn’t used constantly but sometimes, you just need that cup of coffee that would change your mood?

Now, you can hide all these items in your kitchen cupboards and make them appear when you need to use them. When you don’t need them anymore, just push a button, and they will be hidden in a cupboard. Additionally, if you use the available space inside of the cupboard in a smart way, you might have enough storage place left.

To make the lift platform, install a lift system inside of the cupboard. On it, fix a platform where you will place the device that needs to be hidden. Make an opening in the top of the cupboard so that the device can popup when the platform lifts. If the opening is too big, fix hinges and install a cover. It will hide the opening when the lift platform is in the retracted position.

You can use this idea to install racks for utensils, spices, etc. In some cases, you will need to install the lifting system in a way to make it not lift but to lower the platform.

What about Some Changes in Your Living Room?

Your living room also deserves some ultra-modern things. What about a popup TV-set? You can hide it in your favourite cabinet, and when you want to watch it, just make it appear.

Do you remember the project with a lifting platform for your kitchen? You can install a TV-lift in a similar way. Just the opening in the cabinet top will be long and wide enough to make a TV pass. A lift system can be installed either on the bottom panel of the cabinet or on its side part.

Here, you will have to take care of proper cable management. If the cables are not hidden, you can stumble over them and even damage yourself or the device. While some TV-lifts are supplied with a cable management system, others are not. If your TV-lift doesn’t have anything to fix the cables, you might want to add a cable management arm. It will make the system look neat, and you will eliminate the danger of stumbling over the cables.

If you don’t like the idea of placing a TV-lift into a cabinet, buy a ceiling-mounted TV-lift and fix your precious device on the ceiling. We bet your friends and family will like the look, and the functionality is amazing, indeed.

Add drop-down shelves and store there your favourite books of souvenirs. Now, they will be easily accessible.

Final Thoughts

With actuators, you can automate even the smallest parts of your home. You can make the house absolutely functional. You can place there any items you have ever wanted to buy, and still, you will have enough space.

Thus, what about checking all those unused corners and automating all those furniture pieces that can still be used?

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