Can You Invest in Furniture?

The unpredictability of 2020 has taught us two things. First, to not take anything for granted because circumstances – employment, finances and social norms – may all change overnight. Second, that it is essential to have the right furniture in your home because we spend so much time there.

Combine the two and you get a concept that is not altogether novel but one that is not widely practiced – seeing furniture as an investment.

What to look for in investment furniture

Furnishing your home is an exciting experience. However, the process of visualizing the different choices and how they will work within the layout and with each other can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Selecting investment furniture works slightly differently.

People looking to invest in furniture do not usually refurnish their entire homes or even an entire room all at once. Instead, each valuable piece is chosen and purchased individually or perhaps in a small set that comes together. It is a distinct departure from the en masse approach of casual home furniture hunting.

Collectible furniture that retains its value or appreciates over time will inevitably cost more than its contemporary alternative. Very often, it will be an older piece that you purchase from a collector or a reputable furniture boutique such as Kairos Home Furniture. Always opt for an established name like them to ensure that you are getting authentic pieces that carry innate value.

Investment furniture must satisfy these criteria:

  • It must be of high quality – You don’t need to be an experienced collector to identify high-quality furniture. The quality of a product is palpable through its feel, texture, weight and balance. Very old pieces of superior quality outshine their brand new counterparts. Put aside the trendy designs that are making waves currently and focus instead on quality that will far outlive such transient phases.
  • It must be authentic – Because high-quality vintage furniture is so expensive, there is a thriving fake market that runs parallel to the industry. No serious collector nor anyone looking to invest in furniture will consider purchasing an imitation piece. Do your research before you lay your money down and always choose an established name in the industry from whom to buy.
  • It must be adaptable – Multipurpose furniture is the essence of good resale value. For example, a credenza could be a bar or a sideboard, depending on where it is placed. If its design restricts it to a very narrow role, the chances are that it will not add as much value to your home. In the same vein, it won’t gain as much value over time as other collectors will not see it as a versatile piece to add to their own homes.
  • It must be well designed – Good design goes beyond simply fulfilling a purpose. Premium design adds touches of practicality and versatility that ordinary pieces lack. It could be something as simple as curved edges on the top surface of a desk – that chamfer is far more comfortable for someone who may have to spend hours with their forearms against it. Such thoughtful design details are the hallmark of timeless pieces.

Apart from these four critical considerations, always weigh factors like material (easy to maintain and retains its features), condition (does it need repair and/or constant maintenance) and designer (some names have intrinsic value).

Which Pieces to Choose

Armed with these criteria, you can begin your hunt in earnest. These furniture pieces are the best investment choices.


The market for rugs is ancient perhaps because high-quality, heavy rugs add an immediate dash of class to almost any room. It is an unfortunate but prevalent misconception that Persian rugs are the very pinnacle of this category of décor. If you find them too monotonous, you are not alone and have a bevy of choices before you. Synthetic rugs are more versatile, easier to clean and can add a more diverse range of vibes than their traditional counterparts.


Whether it is attached to a wall, on the ceiling or sitting on a desk, a light fixture can dramatically alter the look of a room. A light fitting from a good designer or brand that is worthy of investment. Some homeowners remove high-quality lights when they move and reinstall them at their new homes over years.


Of course, art is a collectible in itself but it can work so well as an accessory to a room. Investment art does not have to be a classic oil painting; collectible prints and posters are contemporary alternatives that are increasingly viewed in a positive light. Framed correctly, they add a dimension of class and style to even the plainest room.

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