Temporary buildings are becoming more popular for a variety of reasons. One of them is that they can be used for both industrial and commercial purposes. They are more affordable and flexible than traditional structures.

One of the most enticing benefits of temporary buildings is its their construction times. Companies looking tofor a quickly secure a  venue to conduct temporary business operations often opt for theseis types of buildingss.

Witnessing temporary buildings in construction is one of the most fascinating things you will ever see in the construction world. But, why is this?

As the construction starts, you will witness the prefabricated materials arrive at the construction site, and within a couple of days or weeks, you will see a fully formed and massive building. This might make you think anyone can construct a temporary building, however, it’s still a construction site so workers need the appropriate white card training and construction experience to safely construct temporary buildings.

In this post, we will take a quick look at temporary buildings in construction, what they are, and their benefits.


A temporary building is can be defined as any form of building that can be used within for a short time. They can be used for business events, operations, or as a warehouse. Temporary buildings are uniquely prefabricated to suit meet the demands of the customer. This implies that they vary in terms of specification, design, and size.

Temporary building also require maintenance and repair. For concrete flooring, there are different concrete cutting saw for all your needs. There are machinery set for cutting thick walls, others on cutting indoors and outdoors.

The design of any temporary building in construction relies solely on its intended use. For instance, event temporary buildings are often designed for short term use. However, commercial and industrial temporary buildings are often constructed as a more permanent structure, albeit one that as they can be moved to different locations when the need arises.


Temporary buildings are seen as a more viable option for by a lot of organizations around the world as a more viable option than traditional buildings for many reasons. However, where you purchase or hire them from and who helps out with the construction processes matters.

Reputable modular structure companies like Smart-Space often provide their customers with professional and experienced hands tradesmen for the construction of temporary buildings. Hence, ensuring that your building is well designed and assembled to meet your needs. Known for its impeccable delivery and excellent customer service over the last 36 years, Smart-Space (a British owned and British made company) has built its reputation as one of the reliable modular structure companies in Britain.


Here are a few advantages of temporary buildings:

  •       DURABILITY: Contrary to the general common assumption derived from its the name, temporary buildings can last up to 60 years. The best part is that they are often designed and constructed to resist environmental influencesdamage. This is only possible because temporary buildings are manufactured with premium and state of the art materials that can withstand most environmental hazards like the storm, cyclones, rain, etc.
  •       COST-EFFECTIVENESS: Temporary buildings are often more affordable than traditional structures. For starters, individuals and organizations looking to use a temporary building for a very short time can opt for hiring rather than purchasing. Furthermore, the cost of constructing a temporary building is cheaper than that of a traditional building.
  •       FLEXIBILITY: One of the reasons why temporary buildings stand out when compared  with traditional buildings is their flexibility. After construction, the configuration of a temporary building can be changed to make itto suitable for other purposes. Furthermore, expanding a temporary building is quite quick and easy. All you need is to install another module oninto the already constructed building. Unlike in with traditional buildings, you do not need to tear down a wall and make a mess in the name of expanding office space.


You will always be able to find a temporary building that suits your needs. They are more affordable than traditional buildings and their construction time is significantly lesser.

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