Addiction To The Internet: The Various Types You Could Be Suffering From

There are probably far too many of us that have a reliance or an addiction to the internet. It’s an interesting one though, and over the next few years there’s perhaps going to be more of a realisation of just how some of our relationships are with it.

It’s unlike many other forms of addiction. You can actively choose to, or not to, drink, take drugs or gamble. But it’s very difficult to actively choose not to use the internet. It’s a day-to-day part of our life, for work, for paying bills, booking holidays, shopping and so much more.

But of course, it has its downside too, and many of us are experiencing that.

Unhealthy relationships with different parts of the internet are growing at apace, to the point where many people are seeking alcoholism rehab to better manage their addiction to the internet, developing a healthier relationship with it, and a healthier one outside of it as a result.

But what are the various ways in which people are becoming addicted to the internet?

Cyber Relationships

There can be a huge danger to cyber relationships, not just because you can become addicted to speaking to someone on the other end, who you’re not exactly sure of who they are, but the knock-on effects from that.

They can be hugely damaging to the physical relationships you already have, with people tending to withdraw from them or become irritated by them, believing what they have online to be a better version. Then of course there’s the danger of being groomed or manipulated, which can happen to so many people, not only becoming heartbroken, but also losing out financially in the process.

Social Networking

Perhaps the most common online addiction is to social media. Social media takes up over two hours of the average person’s day according to studies and it can become a lot more time for those addicted to it.

Social media addiction can lead to large levels of anxiety and depression as you look at the social media lives of others, while it can also have a huge impact on work and education, with it providing a big distraction throughout the day. In many cases, being caught on social media or work suffering because of it can lead to dismissal, only heightening mental health problems.

Online Gambling

Millions of people have fallen into the trap of gambling addiction due to its prevalence online. It’s much easier to hide a gambling addiction when you’re not heading to the bookmakers or casino each day and people have lost thousands upon thousands because of it, not to mention relationships, homes and friendships.

Gambling can be a real silent killer, particularly when played online and through our smartphones, and if you feel you aren’t playing responsibly, seek help immediately. It could save your life.

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