6 Amazing Destinations for Your 2021 Senior Vacation

After retirement is the perfect time to travel, explore and seek adventure. But where should you go? Consider what your vacation goals are. Do you want to relax and soak up the sun? Do you want to go on endless adventures? Do you want to see a lot of sights? No matter which of these sounds best to you, there is a perfect destination for you. Check out one of these six locations to help make your decision.

  1. Alaska

The gorgeous scenery is endless in this idyllic wilderness. You’ll observe majestic wildlife, such as moose, elk, grizzlies and even whales. Witness some of the largest glaciers in North America up close. If hiking and walking aren’t for you, consider booking an all inclusive cruise to Alaska. You’ll be able to see beautiful sights from the peace and tranquility of your ship and check out some amazing port cities, like Sitka, Juneau and Ketchikan.

  1. Yellowstone

If you want to find some adventure within the U.S. mainland, Yellowstone will have what you need. Most of the U.S. National Park system includes accessible areas for all abilities and Yellowstone is no exception. You can sign up for tours led by rangers to ensure you see the best sights while remaining safe. Check out the many geysers and mud pots for a fascinating look at nature. You’ll likely spot various wildlife at every turn as you explore the park. If you decide that a national park adventure is perfect for future trips as well, you can even invest in a lifetime senior pass for just $80 that will allow you to visit all of the parks and create many lasting memories.

  1. The Caribbean

Looking for white sand, clear skies and deep blue seas? The Caribbean may be just the ticket. If you want to maximize your relaxation, you can spend nearly the entire time soaking up the sun on the beach. If you have trouble getting around, but still want to see the area, this is another great place to book a cruise to. You can see a few different ports without having to worry about exhausting travel or trying to find accessible options.

  1. Europe

A European tour is a great way to experience other cultures, try some fabulous food and find a little adventure all in one trip. Check out historic castles, tiny picturesque villages and beautiful landscapes. No matter what type of experiences you crave, you can likely find something fitting along the way. Taste some wine at a vineyard, or get active with a bike tour of medieval streets. Known for its rich history and many famous artworks, Europe also offers plenty of opportunities for cultural enrichment.

  1. Canada

If you’re looking for a truly unique travel experience, consider taking a train tour through the Canadian Rockies. There are many alternatives for your train journey, from luxury experiences to budget-conscious options. You’ll get a stunning view of the gorgeous mountains and beautiful glacier-fed lakes, right from the comfort of your train car. If you enjoy hiking, plan in some stops along the way to enjoy the wilderness through the various national parks, hiking trails and wildlife preserves.

  1. South Africa

Getting to see the incredible wildlife of Africa is certainly a must-do item on most people’s dream lists. South Africa allows you to see lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffaloes, but also offers many other adventures once you’ve taken in all the animals. Visit a vineyard or check out the lively city of Cape Town. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about South Africa’s storied history by visiting sites like Robben Island.

You definitely want to get the best balance of relaxation and adventure that you can from your 2021 trip. These locations offer the best of both worlds, with endless options to keep yourself busy, or perfectly relaxed, whichever you prefer. Check out one of them when you’re getting ready to book your dream vacation.

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