6 Crazy Video Marketing Trends For Your Business in 2022

If you are still not using a video marketing strategy for your business, you are missing out on a lot. Video is the best type of content when it comes to enhancing engagement and customer conversions. Most businesses have either adopted or are planning to adopt a video marketing strategy.

Gone are the days when print advertisements caught the attention of customers. In 2022, videos are everywhere and are being preferred by everyone. If you want to launch a video marketing campaign, you should know the latest trends to drive engagement. Continue reading to know six video marketing trends for your business in 2022

The growth of live videos

There is no compulsion that you can only share pre-recorded business videos to drive engagement. Live videos are also preferred by customers on different online channels. The recent COVID pandemic also boosted the demand for live business videos. The growth of live video is predicted even in the post-COVID era.

During the pandemic, people could not step out of the house to watch product launches, corporate events, marketing stints, etc. Live videos helped businesses to connect with the customers even when they are at their homes. In 2022, stream-able content will be preferred by customers.

Viewers feel engaged by watching a live video and interacting with it. Consider the example of Facebook which is an excellent platform for sharing live videos. On Facebook, live videos are watched three times longer than recorded videos by users. Pre-recorded videos generate six times less engagement when compared to live videos on Facebook. Similarly, there are many other social media platforms where you can share live business videos and drive engagement.

Even though live videos are gaining hype, not many video marketers are using them effectively. For example, only 28% of video marketers are using the live video feature of Facebook. A similar number of marketers are using the live video feature on other social media platforms. You can use live videos to gain an edge over your competitors in the market. In 2022, you can include Facebook Live in your video marketing strategy for better results.

Live videos don’t require extra effort as compared to other types of marketing videos. You just have to live stream in high quality without any editing efforts. Many businesses stream live videos directly via their smartphone and drive engagement.

Growth in smartphone production

Who says you need to allocate a big budget for producing marketing videos? However, the same cannot be said for other marketing techniques. In this era of video marketing, brands that can afford a video production house are also turning towards smartphones to create relatable content.

For example, consider the ‘ShotOniPhone’ marketing campaign launched by Apple. In this campaign, Apple asked users to share engaging videos shot on iPhone. Influencers and brands shared engaging videos shot on Apple devices with the appropriate hashtag. Social media was flooded with Apple-recorded videos showing people that videos can be created without a production house.

To date, there have been more than 15 million posts on social media sites for the ‘ShotOniPhone’ campaign. Many mobile video-sharing applications give you the chance to increase your reach. Engaging TikTok videos, YouTube vlogs, Instagram reels, and many other social media videos can help you reach a wider audience.

The rise of online video editors has also helped brands in creating videos with a low budget. An online video editor subscription can come at reasonable prices and offer you advanced editing options. With intuitive UI and premade video templates, video editor lets you create professional brand videos in no time.

Growth of SEO in video marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to enhance discoverability on search engines. Every brand wants its videos to be displayed on the first page in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). There are several SEO techniques used by brands to get the first-page ranking in the SERP. According to stats, using video in your content will increase your first-page ranking chances by 53%.

Google is a popular search engine that experiences more than 3.5 billion searches in 24 hours. According to stats, Google displays video snippets for more than 25% of searches. Also, users are more likely to click on the video snippet shown in the SERP.

Before adopting a video marketing strategy, find out what users are searching on search engines. You can then optimize your videos to answer their queries. Brands should use engaging videos on their homepage and landing page to convert users into customers.

The rise of Vlogs

Developing a brand persona on digital channels is necessary to connect with the audience. Vlogs, also known as video blogs, are an important tool for brand storytelling. In recent years, more and more brands are using Vlogs to connect with their customers.

You can share product launches, company events, production processes, and whatnot with Vlogs. In Vlogs, your brand can be the main character and customers will understand it’s working. Influencers have already shown how Vlogs can enhance reach and engagement on social media platforms. Travel and hospitality businesses are also using vlogs to drive engagement. YouTube is the best platform to share travel Vlogs for related businesses.

Rise of social media stories

Social media stories have been the biggest trend in recent years for video marketing. Similar to Vlogs, social media stories also create a brand persona. However, social media stories are more casual than other types of marketing content. You can show the raw side of your brand with social media stories.

You can connect with your customers regularly with social media stories. Besides sharing the finished product in social media stories, you can share the process behind any product/service. Many brands use social media stories to answer the queries of their customers online.

You can post polls on social media stories to know the preferences of your target audience. You can ask people to tag your social media account in their stories after they receive a product or are happy with any service.

Demand for silent videos

It seems dumb to make a video without sound. However, many video marketers are creating videos that can be interpreted without sound. According to stats, more than 80% of Facebook videos are watched without audio. It happens because users may be watching videos in restrooms, conference halls, libraries, offices, classrooms, and other places. While creating marketing videos, you can add subtitles so they could be interpreted without sound.


These were some of the trends to be considered before video content marketing. You can adopt a video marketing strategy in 2022 to gain an edge over your peers. Start taking video content marketing seriously in 2022! 


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