Spain has heart-eyes for its beautiful landscape, spectacular beaches and well-laidback weather. With increased globalization and people moving around the world, the word Spain is quite most often referred. With the best healthcare system in the world, Spain ranks top in expat’s choice for immigrating. There are many factors that draws people to Spain like it’s friendly culture, welcoming people, Great foods and drinks, History and education all leading to good quality of life. Today there are more than 300,000 brits currently living in Spain opting both bureaucracy and taxation factors.

Let’s consider few benefits of living in Spain

1)         A PLACE OF ITS OWN

The primary thing you’ll enjoy about living in Spain is its quality of life.  This place is nothing like those big New York cities. You typically won’t enjoy rush mornings and exhausting evenings like any other down-town. Spain has got it’s own flavors that will make you enjoy life as much as possible. The best part is you can share your enjoyments due to it’s cheaper costs of living. Cheaper costs mean you can enjoy having dinners, pay rents, insurances and all of it even with the normal salary. Everything ranging from house expenditure, leisure, health and education can be covered up in a normal salary.


The most fascinating thing about spin is it’s immigration law. It’s immigration law has the most flexible system designed for non-EU citizens. Basically non-EU citizens can explore variety of options before moving to Spain in order to live, study and even work and settle down. Firstly, getting a visa is an easy job. The visas will work best depending on the kind of permit you’re holding. Let’s say if you’re a golden visa holder then investing 500,000 Euros in real estate will earn you a residential permit.

All you need to do it meet the requirements of the residential permit, especially if you have experience immigration lawyers.


Health is the key thing you have to consider before making any move. Spain has good healthcare history with best public health policies. It’s available for all and regarded as best according to the Healthcare access and Quality index.. Along with that you’ll get quality hours of sun, Mediterranean diet like fresh vegetables and fruits along with relaxed lifestyle constituting to better mental and physical health. Spain has highest life expectancies than any other developed country in the world.


History adds essence to the place. Spanish culture is one of its kind especially with all its wander sites. You’ll find Spanish history everywhere. On top its diverse and  undivided culture over the years have added their own traditions and specialties into the region. From Granada’s Alhambra to masterpieces from Gaudi in Barcelona, and Caves of Altamira in the north, the country is full of fascinating places of history.

You’ll find large expat communities in Spain which is a win-win for any non-EU family whose looking for moving to Spain. Spain is very welcoming to people of different diversities and cultures.


So we have already given you enough reasons to make your move to Spain? But you might be wondering how. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. The immigration laws in spain attracts many Latin Americans and eastern Europeans, and non-Europeans. You should make it to spain within the provided visa time and upon 30th day of arrival you should start applying for residence permit with required documents in the immigration office. There are many immigration lawyers in Spain, who offer legal assistance with wide variety of residency options. They speak good-English and deals with bureaucracy on your behalf.

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