5 Places you Cannot Miss in San Sebastian

San Sebastián, the sparkling gem of Spain’s Basque country, is a unique blend of stunning natural beauty and vibrant culture. The city’s population is close to 200,000, making it an energetic holiday destination. As you plan your trip, securing one of the excellent hotels in San Sebastian is just the first step to immersing yourself in this city’s enchanting allure. This article will explore five must-visit places that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of San Sebastián.

La Concha Beach

First on your itinerary should be the world-renowned La Concha Beach. This is the center of San Sebastián in many ways. Its golden sands, and serene, blue waters make it one of Europe’s most picturesque city beaches. Whether you’re an avid sun-seeker, water sports enthusiast, or you just want a relaxing place to reside in the evenings, La Concha is a must-visit. There are a lot of great views and walks around this region, but it’s also possible to find some sports nearby too.

Monte Urgull

Monte Urgull should be next on your itinerary. It’s an ancient hill that stands as a silent sentinel of the city’s rich history. The hike up the hill might be challenging for some, but the breathtaking panoramic views make it a rewarding treat once you get there. It can be done in half an hour, but there are a few different paths, so plan for some detours and breaks. The old fortress, Castillo de la Mota, graces the hilltop, as a testimony to centuries of history. The iconic statue of Sacred Heart, with its arms spread wide, can be found blessing the city.


Delve into the contemporary side of San Sebastián at the Tabakalera. This former tobacco factory has been ingeniously transformed into an center for modern art and culture. It’s a cultural space that invites you to broaden your perspectives a little and engage with the many innovative exhibitions and thought-provoking exhibits. Don’t miss out on the film screenings either.

San Telmo Museum

Basque country has its own story to tell, and there’s no better place to learn about its history than San Telmo Museum. This isn’t your typical museum; it’s an immersive one that journeys through time. This allows you to see the evolution of Basque society from prehistoric times to the present day. The museum, which is in a stunning 16th-century monastery, has collections ranging from archaeological artefacts to modern art pieces.

San Sebastián International Film Festival

Finally, if your visit coincides with the San Sebastián International Film Festival, don’t pass up the opportunity to join in with the cinematic celebration. Every September, the city transforms into a hub for film enthusiasts from all around the globe. It’s your chance to witness the unveiling of cinematic masterpieces, engage in insightful dialogues, and even rub shoulders with influential people within film industry.

Exploring San Sebastián is an experience that transcends the typical tourist checklist. Each corner of the city has its own history and culture, whilst there’s also a foundation of decadence and hedonism in the beaches and bars – it has it all.

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