3 Ways to Become an Outstanding Writer Starting from College

Writing is one of the most interesting creative careers out there. Many students have the appeal and are desperate to get to it. But it takes a lot of skill to transition from the amateur level into the pro league. 

In order to become an outstanding writer, you’ll have to practice a lot. When showing your fanfiction to your roommate isn’t enough for you anymore, what do you do to get closer to your dream job?

Landing a job in writing is not as hard as you think. It might not be the job you’ve always wanted. But there are plenty of places to start your journey. And here they are.

Commercial Route

This one fits perfectly the kind of generic scenario college students often find themselves in. It has a number of advantages that will allow you a lot of space for maneuver while you are trying to find your footing in the writing field:

  • Entry-level job openings;
  • Part-time work options;
  • Remote work options;
  • Straightforward guidelines and format.

This is not the kind of job aspiring writers usually imagine themselves doing. The flow in the commercial writing field is very different from the stuff you would be doing as a creative writer. But it is a perfect place to start.

It’s very easy to find a job in marketing as a copywriter or content creator. You don’t really need a relevant education or any experience to land an entry-level job. All you have to do is be able to write consistently. And it may take a sizable chunk of your time and effort.

To keep your balance between work and education, consider outsourcing some of your college assignments to online writing services like https://essayhub.com essay help platform. This will prevent you from being overrun by deadlines, and you’ll be able to concentrate on personal projects.

Team Projects

Telling stories is what creative writing is all about. Going down this path is slightly riskier than sticking with marketing. But it is also infinitely more rewarding. The first thing you want to do is think about what kind of writing speaks to you. It may seem like a no-brainer. But there are plenty of fields, each with their own distinct traits:

  • Conventional writing;
  • Screenplay writing;
  • Video game narrative design.

Deciding which one suits you best is probably an essential part of your journey. Concentrate on the worst aspects rather than on the best ones. Decide which cons you are willing to deal with rather than which pros make you feel happiest.

Books don’t sell too well, screenplay writers are overshadowed by directors and actors, and the narrative design is niche and extremely competitive. Once you identify what it is you want to do – start looking for projects to jump on board of. Don’t be too picky.

Your first couple of projects are unlikely to be a great success. You are looking to build up some portfolio. But it doesn’t mean you can slack off. So band together with a small group of friends, or join a small team of enthusiasts. Do your very best, and you’ll find yourself climbing the career ladder in no time.

Independent Projects

Working on a solo project is by far the most difficult way of going about your writing career. But it also offers you the greatest amount of creative freedom. 

You can work at your own pace, write about things that interest you specifically. Start with something small, a proof of concept of sorts. Then gradually move to something bigger, better, more complex.

There are certain ways for a solo writer to make a living: blog monetization, crowdfunding, self-publishing. But since you’re a one-man party, it will require a lot of effort to get your projects airborne. And it is going to hurt like hell if they fall through. But it is a viable path nonetheless.

Final Words

Any creative career is a pretty risky choice. Dip your toes in these waters with care, always have a backup plan. It may take some time before your talent blooms and gains traction in the writing community. 

But as you’re actively working towards that goal, try not to starve in the meanwhile. Becoming a well-paid writer isn’t a one-day endeavor.

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