How Can You Trust A Story With An Anonymous Author?

There are many stories on the internet, and not every author shares their identity. However, people only tend to look at the things that are published by famous people and ignore the rest.

Whether you do it or not doesn’t matter, as it is human nature to only trust reliable sources. But you need to read the posts and try to understand why these people might want to keep their identities private. Although there might be plenty of fake content online, there are some genuinely amazing stories that you should read.

Here is the most significant issue that arises with anonymous posts, and how you can get past it.

Unreliable Stories and Authors

The number one reason why people don’t read anonymous posts is because they don’t look reliable. There is no way to authenticate the story.

Depending on the type of content it is, people can take it in two ways.

  1. If the material gives news, opinions, or perspectives on an event, and the things mentioned in it are different from what a reliable source says. Then it might be taken as a lie or utter nonsense.
  2. If the content tells a personal story about someone, then it might be taken as fiction.

You don’t know who the person is, what they know, and how reliable they are. You can only read their story and wonder if it’s true.

What Is The Solution?

Since the reliability of the story and the author itself is an issue, there is only one way to handle it — a complete authorization.

Someone needs to dig deep into the person to see how reliable they are. If their post includes facts on an event, then those need to be checked as well. Furthermore, if they have an opinion, then the author’s background needs to be examined to see how valuable their input is.

Luckily, there are websites that authorize people and act as a platform for them to post as John Doe or Jane Doe. You can check out sites like The Doe to see how they do authorize before reading some of the stories.

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