What Surprises Online Gaming in 2022: Trends and Innovations

In recent years, because of the technology development and the market processes restructuring, gambling has undergone a number of conceptual changes. The coronovirus pandemic also has made its own adjustments. People around the world have being spent more time at home, and online gambling has given them the opportunity to relax and have fun. The number of users who want to spin roulette, bet on their favorite team in real or eSports has grown.

What will determine the development of the industry, and what technologies will the online gambling industry use in 2022?

Trends in 2022

The online casino market is constantly replenished with new sites. They have to make every effort and implement the latest technologies to be the most attractive to potential customers. Here are a few online casino trends that will surely get users excited:

  • Opening of new GEOs. Gambling operators are entering new markets that were not so active before or where gambling has only recently been legalized.
  • Implementation of virtual and augmented reality in the gambling process. VR technologies create a world of alternative reality and even make the reconstruction of real elite casinos. While AR brings vivid elements to the existing reality. Casino customers feel as if they are sitting at a live gambling table and can even chat with other participants.
  • The rapid development of eSports. Today, esports is not only the main method of spending leisure time for many people, but also a promising component for betting. Many players have already appreciated this way of making a profit.
  • Rising popularity of cryptocurrencies. Today, in many online casinos, it is possible to deposit funds using cryptocurrencies. This is a safe and convenient method. The use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology allows you to see that the games are safe and fair.

These trends are likely to be in the TOP and for the next few years.

GEOs that are gaining popularity

Now those GEOs are gaining popularity that used to be in the shadows and those where gambling was banned – Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine. In addition, recent years have brought the rapid development of the gambling industry in the African region. This is especially true for Nigeria, but other countries are also open to the industry.

The Asian sector is also of particular interest to the largest operators. The gambling is legalized in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia. Moreover, in some GEOs, new agencies of the gambling industry state supervision have been launched. Additional control will become one of the most important factors influencing the growth in the popularity of gambling.

More trendy live games

Livecasinos appeared less than a decade ago and immediately became extremely popular. Now they are available on all popular casino gaming platforms.

The best live casinos certainly have a variety of card games and classic roulette with live dealers. You are as close as possible to the atmosphere of the game in real casinos. The live dealer communicates with you, accepts bets, informs you about winning. What’s more, you also get special live casino bonuses.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been used in the gambling industry for quite some time, and its positive effects are undeniable. In 2022, its application will not be limited to the areas of customer support and data analysis. So, the world’s first platform with ideas for games using artificial intelligence has already been launched. Best live casinos in Canada, US, European countries use data from millions of games and sophisticated machine learning to create innovative game concepts, images and characters that developers can take to work and turn into a unique product.

By running a keyword search, it is able to instantly suggest a new idea to providers. This adds flexibility to the development process and allows creating games that players will definitely like, at the same time saving operators time and money.

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