How the Finnish igaming Industry Got So Strong

Finland has become a hotspot for the gaming industry, but it wasn’t always that way. Companies like Rovio, Mohjang, and Super Cell are taking an interest in Nordic countries and their games are already dominating the charts.

The Story So Far

Finland’s gaming industry is growing faster than most others in the world. Elite level developers have used it to release great productions over the last 25 years. Finland was one of the first countries to shift focus to mobile games.

The App Store was launched in 2008. Finland had a head start, and by the time other countries were starting to use it, the Finnish industry was miles ahead. It is, therefore, no surprise that Finland holds such a powerful position in the world’s gaming market.

The world started noticing Finland after the Angry Birds released in 2009. It was one of the most successful casual puzzle video games. Angry Birds ultimately created a whole franchise with two extra games, two-screen releases and a merchandise catalogue.

Since then, the Finnish gaming industry has continued to grow. 2019 was the sixth consecutive year of making over two billion Euros as turnover. Here are a few reasons why Finland is doing so well in the igaming industry.

1.    Government Regulations

The Finnish government has played an undeniable role in the growth of the industry. Its proactive approach to the industry has ensured that there are laws and regulations to protect both players and operators.

In Finland, online casinos like BuumiCasino are regarded as legitimate businesses. Therefore, they operate within the confines of the law and create safe betting atmospheres.

Creativity breeds success, and the Finnish gaming industry has benefited from it. The country has more than 240 game developer studios. Industry players can explore their creative sides because they have government support. The government sponsors start-ups, game studios, and industry-related research.

Helsinki has plenty of networking opportunities and creative hubs. The ecosystem is perfect for game developers, and it keeps getting better. This is highly influenced by the fact that the government doesn’t have much interference.

Helsinki is the heart of the Finnish gaming industry. Therefore, the government does everything to create a conducive atmosphere. The lack of bureaucracy and state sponsorships are part of the overall approach.

2.    Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing has helped the industry grow. People are always looking for good deals, and in Finland, the deals are everywhere. Finnish online casinos have some of the highest betting limits and lowest house edge in the world. Therefore, you have better chances of making big winnings.


Players from different parts of the globe visit these casinos. They can play with a lot of money and have better chances of winning. The increased competition has improved the quality of games and services.

3.    A Culture of Openness

Government support is great, but it isn’t the only one that the Finnish industry is enjoying. The general population is very supportive and open to the gaming industry. Unlike in most parts of the world, gaming doesn’t come with a stigma or a sense of shame.

Since you can approach almost anyone about gaming, the industry feels like a tight-knit family and not just a group of competitors. The Independent Game Developers Association has helped foster this culture.

4.    Focus On Technology

Finland is the home of technological innovation. While this applies to all industries, it is felt heavily in online gaming. The country has some of the most notable software developers in the world. They are always coming up with innovative ways to make online games more rewarding and exciting.

Finland’s focus on technological innovations has helped her stay on top of the industry. It has aided the development of amazing products, including live dealer games and VR casinos. The products have changed the gaming landscape in all parts of the world.

5.    Heavy Investment in Online Gaming

Finnish operators have invested big bucks in the online gaming sector. The gambling market is worth about €780 million and online gaming accounts for most of it. Finnish operators saw the market’s potential before operators in other parts of the world. They realized its potential for growth and made significant investments.

NetEnt, for example, operates many casinos in Finland even though its headquarters is in Sweden. The heavy investment has improved the quality of games and innovation. It has helped attract the top talent in the country. It increases competition and helps players get better deals.

6.    Taxation on Winnings

Finland gamers have a progressive attitude towards the industry. There are regulations to ensure that all companies in the Finnish gaming space are licensed. New ones need to pass through a long application process before receiving their licenses.

Even though the government demands that all winnings from poker rooms and online casinos be taxed, the taxes are lower than in most countries. Therefore, players get to keep most of their winnings.

7.    Emphasis on Security and Privacy

The Finnish government has prioritized security in the gaming industry. Playing at a Finnish online casino, you don’t need to worry about the privacy of your banking details or the safety of your money. All online casinos pass through strict checks to ensure that they are safe, private, and fair.

The Finnish Gambling Authority performs annual inspections to ensure that the casinos remain compliant with existing regulations.

8.    Casino Bonuses and Game Variety

Finland has some of the best online casinos in the world. They have generous bonuses, and there are games for all kinds of players. You can choose from hundreds of slots, poker rooms, and table games. The casinos have classic games for players chasing the nostalgic feel and new games for those looking to explore new options.

Because of the competition in this industry, online casinos have no choice but to offer fantastic deals. The most common promotions and bonuses include free spins, match deposits, and no-deposit bonuses. You may check out new games without risking your own money.

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