Top Toy Ideas 2021 – What will you go for?

While helping kids to play has always been important, during the pandemic with schools and nurseries closed, the importance of creating a fun environment has never been so clear. Even when things are back to normal, there’s nothing like bringing joy to your kid’s face, seeing their smiles light up at something to explore and have fun with! 

Toys and playing aren’t just for fun, they’re fundamental to a child’s development, helping them engage with problem solving and encouraging the engagement of both the imagination and creative faculties. If you’re looking for tips on what toys to get, for an approaching birthday or just a special day, below we look at a few options from UK online toy provider Top Toys 2 U.


1. Octonauts Toys – £24.95

Children’s TV shows create whole imaginary worlds, which kids can become attached to and wish to participate in. That’s partly why toys related to characters from various series can be so fun – it brings the world out of the television or Ipad and into your living room or garden, into real life! This 6 piece Octonauts Toys set includes Inkling, The Seahorse Creature, and 3 glow in the dark characters, offering near endless fun. Whether your child wants to add to their Octonauts collection or start one afresh, this is a great option!


2. Beyblade Burst Battling Tops Set of 4 – £9.95

Beyblade tops have been around for a while now, and have given heaps of enjoyment to near endless kids. The set of 4 means that they can have 3 others play with them, and if a couple of the tops get lost or broken, it’s not the end of the world. Great for playing in groups, and a fun way to make friends in playgrounds! They’re currently on offer as well, so grab a bargain while you can.


3. Disney Toy Story Pixar 25th Anniversary Buzz Lightyear – £14.95

Another film related item, everyone at some point in their life has been obsessed with Toy Story. Still giving joy 25 years on, bring the story to life with this amazing toy figure of everyone’s favourite space ranger, Buzz Lightyear. It comes with the figure, and his blaster, utility belt, and his “Big One” rocket, for heaps of fun and creative playing. Whether your kid already has Toy Story figures or not, this is sure to prove popular!


4. Secret Life Of Pets 2 – 25cm 10” – Super Soft Gift Quality Plush – Buddy – £9.95

No play collection is complete without at least a box full of soft toys, and this will make a wonderful addition. Buddy, the iconic Dachshund from Secret Life of Pets, can be brought to your living living room in the form of this excellent quality plush toy; so many soft toys nowadays are rubbish quality and just not built to last, so it’s really nice to find something that your kids could potentially keep a hold of to give to the next generation! 

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