Tips To Tackle Cravings While Quitting Tobacco

Quitting tobacco is a choice you made, and now your body has to get used to it. During this process, the body will show various symptoms where it will downrightly say that it cannot live without this habit. However, if you are working hard at it, you must not give up so soon. Keep your spirits high and follow the below-mentioned tips to tackle the constant cravings.

Public places– For the first few days of quitting spend a lot of time at public places. You could also visit places like libraries, malls, museums, theatres, and restaurants where tobacco consumption is just not allowed. 

When you are constantly reminded of your vow slowly, you would learn how to cope with it. You could also start with fake chewing tobacco so that your body does not realize that you are quitting.

Take care of yourself– If you manage to take care of your health, your body might not show any cravings at all. Drink lots of water, sleep well, and plenty of exercising will ensure that your body remains in top shape. 

Instead of two heavy meals, focus on taking six small meals. This will take care that your blood sugar levels are high and your energy levels are balanced, and you may not feel the urge again.

Avoid hard drinks– Totally avoid hard drinks or any other drinks you would otherwise consume in tandem with tobacco. When you take hard drinks, your body desires the same old combination as before. 

Instead, you could try healthy options like fruit juices, sports drinks, or flavored water. Make sure that the drinks you choose are low-calorie and low-fat options.

Chew something else– If your mouth is not accustomed to chewing, you could chew something else. You could keep a toothpick or cinnamon stick in your mouth. 

Sugarless gum, sugar-free lollipops, and Celery are also things you can attempt to chew. If you miss the feeling of holding the cigarette in your hand, you could keep a pencil, pen, or paper clip instead.

Avoid temptations– It is possible that you might get tempted to start the habit once again. This usually will happen if you are a part of similar circumstances or people who enticed you to indulge in it earlier. 

It is better to stay away from such situations and people until you have not grasped and controlled your habit.

Motivate yourself– Quitting tobacco is not easy, and you will have to motivate yourself continuously. Think of the people who matter to you and why you decided to quit in the first place. Take deep breaths and imagine healthy air filling your lungs. 

Think of the goal you have selected, and the urge to start again will go away. 

With the tips mentioned above at your disposal, you can easily conquer the road to being tobacco-free. 

Look for support from your loved ones if you feel that you are slipping away. In most cases, a person can keep his vow if he does not lose determination. Your slight weakness could push you back to the path of despair; hence be careful.

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