Three Books To Read As An Enthusiast

It’s safe to say that gambling is one of the most intriguing subjects in today’s world. Gambling is just a fun hobby for most people, but there are men and women who chose gambling as their profession. Now, even though there are a lot of people who would be eager to judge that life choice, we are not here to judge. It’s not important if it’s a hobby or a profession, gambling has a rich history. If you’re a casino enthusiast who is searching for valuable casino knowledge, this article is perfect for you. Here are the best books for gambling and casino games.

Casino Gambling For Dummies By Kevin Blackwood

If you are a newbie who doesn’t know much about online casino games, this book is written for you. Kevin Blackwood managed to write a simple book about gambling that is easy to read, but contains all the necessary strategies a newbie may find useful on their casino adventures. That’s why, if you’re searching for good online casinos, you should know that sites like list the best casinos and bonuses online. Make sure to read this book and you will have a wonderful time at any online casino you choose. This book is especially good for players who want to learn how to play poker, blackjack, and bacaarat. If you are a card game lover, this book has to be on your shelf.

Bringing Down The House By Ben Mezrich

The casino experts and gambling enthusiasts consider this book to be one of the best ones ever written when it comes to Las Vegas stories. Why is that the case? It’s simple, it was based on a true story. Bringing Down The House tells a story of six MIT students and their professor who managed to find a way to count cards and don’t get caught. They raided the most sophisticated Las Vegas casinos and went home with the money. The book is written in simple language. That means you’ll easily understand what’s happening even if you’re not a seasoned gambler.

Dice Angel By Brian Rouff

We thought that it would be a good thing to put one fictional book on the list. Dice Angel tells a story of James Delaney Jr, the owner of a Las Vegas bar that he inherited from his father. After gansters rob his bar, he realizes they stole thousands of dollars he simply has to get back if he wants to save his bar before the IRS ruins his life. It’s safe to say that this story will make you laugh. It has a lot of wonderful characters and you’ll definitely sympathise with the main one.

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