How to Check if Online Gaming Sites Are Legit in 2022?

2022 is the year of an overwhelming number of online casinos, gambling sites, and whatnot. For the last 2 years, the online gambling market is growing at a rapid pace because of growth in digital marketing and business, in general. Now, the young generation of gamblers can play anytime and from anywhere, which makes it so easy. But, how do I stay safe and minimize risks?

This article focuses on the healthy aspects of gambling, beginning with checking if an online casino is genuine or not?

The First and the Basics

To find out if an online casino is fake or not, we can do several things. The first thing is an online search in the browser. But, there are also other things that can help you. As more and more people are choosing online casinos instead of overcrowded land-based outlets, they can be intimidating too at times. Because of so much promotion, it is hard to tell which a legit platform is. How can one be sure? Maybe, with reviews and comparing with others.

In the world of gambling, there are a ton of phishing sites and potentially harmful gambling casinos that will do all to make you think they are safe and reliable. So, be aware of free offers, promotions, and enticing ads. Similarly, clicking a random link when you are browsing a website can be harmful as well, because click-bait ads are often spurious. They may have a virus and can hack your money.

So, avoiding all these attractions and going through a verified platform is the key. For example, when you put money in a vetted game through a recommended casino on a casino review site, you are in safe hands. Still, there are other issues. For example, how do you know all these casinos are registered and have licenses? Because it is not possible to figure these out on your own, trust a review site that takes them into account.

In short, for beginners, check with a couple or so review sites is the first and most basic thing to do. You can find an ultimate all British casino review at the top two ranked results on Google Search.

What Are Other Ways to find if an Online Casino Is Genuine?

Besides checking with a review site, in 2022 some people might want to find for themselves too, because review sites may or may not be totally legit themselves or exercise less caution. Because of this, there are three things you can do yourselves if you are willing to put in more time.

  • Check for the website or domain name in the public access registry of companies, like Open Corporates and DnB, which is easy to find by searching online.
  • Check for the licenses and parent company, if available on the casino, and check for their active licenses from gambling commissions like MGA or UKGC.
  • Check for the homepage or about us page of the online casino, and see if they have relevant specific information of their registration number and verify it from public databases, with online search.

These three things are always public access information, and if an online casino does not disclose them, you can either think of another casino or take risks, as you may feel necessary depending on your capacity. Most online and reputed casinos will advertise their company name, registration, and jurisdiction, licenses at the bottom of the homepage or landing page. These are easily verifiable from DnB, as well as from the respective licensing commission’s official websites. For example, MGA’s official site will have information on “xy” casino’s active licenses, date of incorporation, available domain names, and so on. Because of this, you can even verify if the domain name is the same or a fake duplicate of the original. Because of these ways, an individual in 2022, can also do their own research and stay safe in the exploding online casino market.

In an ultimate all British casino review site, for instance, you will also find a list of online casinos that are not just genuine, but if they are legal in your country. Because of this additional info, you can bet legally without any risks of running into losing money.

Casino Guides for Commoners

For the rest of the people, beginners, students, who are just getting into gambling and real money betting online, casino guides, are always of the best help. Because, illegitimate gambling sites will be less forthcoming and with sharing information and validation documents with the public, this is the first thing to notice. Most casino review sites, that have a good following and users, are good to trust. You can check the review sites’ FAQs to learn how they perform these checks, and how deep and thorough their scrutiny process is because not all common people can spend so much time and money to run these tests.

So, casino guides that really put emphasis should not be taken lightly. Because the internet is a big and scary place, and full of scams, and viruses, nothing can be 100% sure. But, when you take caution, it is a great place to be. It is a magical place full of games, good times, tons of opportunities to make passive income, and have the best quality products.


To make things easy, if you are a fan of slots, online poker, video poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, live casino, and many more. Because of such an atmosphere, and many really good casinos with great promotions, offers, and offering wins generously on a daily basis. By doing the above checks and tests, one can choose the genuine casinos and enjoy a great time whenever you log in and bet real money. 2022 is a great time to jump on this bandwagon but play responsibly. Start with casino guides, check with browser searches before you register, and do not click-bait ads because this can be usually dangerous. Then, you know which are legit.

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