Things You NEED To Know Before Playing Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is the latest game in the popular Battlefield franchise and a successor to the record-breaking highly successful Battlefield V. There would hardly be anyone in the gaming community who hasn’t played one of the Battlefield games or at least have heard the name. Even if they haven’t played any of the games, then they sure are missing out. What has made Battlefield so popular in the gaming community is its ability to provide an immersive experience to the player with beautiful graphics and controls, which has established Battlefield as the gold standard in the first-person shooter game genre. And even the reasons for the success of the Battlefield franchise are numerous; a huge credit could be laid down to the developers of the games in the franchise.

Now, before you go and purchase the latest game in the series – Battlefield 2042, and it would not really be a surprise if you were going to do just that, there are a couple of things you must know before buying a copy for yourself. Battlefield 2042 is a massive upgrade on its predecessor Battlefield V. There are a couple of things one needs to get accustomed to in Battlefield 2042; so, before you go buy Battlefield 2042 or start looking for BF2042 cheats, read the following points carefully.

1. Plotline

The plotline of every Battlefield game is different and also compelling, which is quite a fun experience for one to play through. Battlefield 2042 is a game based in an apocalyptic future where the world is ravaged by the disastrous impacts of climate change, and the EU (European Union) has imploded. 70% of the planet’s satellites are offline, resulting in a massive communication blackout and heightened tensions between the US and the Russian Federation, resulting in the breaking of hostilities in 2042, hence the name Battlefield 2042.

2. No single-player campaigns

One of the most significant changes a gamer who has played the previous Battlefield games, will find is the absence of a single-player campaign mode. Single-player campaign mode, which has been a popular part of the previous Battlefield games, would not be a part of Battlefield 2042. The playthrough will be done in a multiplayer manner now as the developers believe that the multiplayer version is the way to go forward and provides a better experience to the gamer. It’s a controversial decision which might impact your decision of buying this game or not.

3. Modes

Battlefield 2042 offers four different modes for one top playthrough. They all are pretty different from each other, including Battlefield: Portal, which is bound to make Battlefield 2042 a record-breaker in the first-person shooting game genre.

4. Conquest

Any Battlefield lover would be familiar with this mode. One of the oldest and most loved battle modes is available for one to playthrough in Battlefield 2042. The target for this mode is evident from the name. A player and his team must have a higher spawn count at the end of the game time.

One thing that will be different in Battlefield 2042 is that the gameplay will now support 128 players in certain consoles, whereas in previous Battlefield games, the player count was limited to 64.

5. Breakthrough

Breakthrough is another popular game mode that will continue in Battlefield 2042. In Breakthrough, one team tries to take over the map while the other team defends their area from capture. Obviously, if the attackers are able to capture every location on the map, they would win the round, and if they are unsuccessful, they lose.

6. Hazard Zone

It is one of the new game modes offered by Battlefield 2042, and although not much is known about this mode and EA is surprisingly tight-lipped about this mode, it is being marketed as “an intense experience that combines edge-of-your-seat gameplay with the best of the Battlefield sandbox.” Reputable sources have confirmed that dynamic weather conditions like lightning storms and tornadoes will be a big part of the Hazard zone.

7. Battlefield: Portal

Another new game mode that was made available to the public or at least the beta users of the game is at the EA Play Live event. It is an entirely customizable mode where one can tinker with the maps, weapons, rules of engagement and also use content from previous iterations of the Battlefield franchise. This is marketed as more of a fun mode where one can make their own rules and create their own battlefield.

No matter which mode you prefer, no one can argue that this lineup certainly provides the opportunity for one to enjoy the game according to their preference.

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