The history of the emergence and development of gaming industry

In any game played in a casino, the main factor of winning is the element of randomness, and it is this element that affects the result. The tables installed in the casino allow visitors to play against the establishment, which in this case is represented by the dealer. They play blackjack, craps, and the familiar roulette is used. Visitors can also play against each other, inviting the croupier to take part as a serving side, an observer of the observance of the rules. Baccarat, Texas poker, and other types of card games are played sites not on gamstop.

Casino history

The word “casino” originated in Europe. It is a diminutive derivative of the Italian casa – hut. Initially, these were coffee houses, where men had a pleasant time with a cup of a fragrant drink. Of course, it was not without board games, most often it was dice, cards.

Gradually, the authorities drew attention to the significant cash flow that flowed past the treasury. The Venetian government in 1638 decided to gather those wishing to play in a certain place during the spring Venice carnival. For this, the building of the Church of Moses was chosen, where the Ridotto casino – “Private Room” was opened. High stakes, the need to have special clothes, a mask made it impossible for commoners and noblemen without money to visit the casino. Ridotto was not only played with cards. A semblance of a lottery was held, in which a very large prize went to one player. The oldest casino in Europe was closed in the 18th century under pressure from the moralizer Giorgio Pisani.

In France, the first casino was opened during the reign of Louis XIV, the gambling business was organized by Cardinal Mazarin to replenish the royal treasury. Roulette, which appeared in France, brought significant profits, and the number of casinos increased.

An example of making money on gambling was picked up in Germany, Great Britain, Italy, where gambling houses appeared in fashionable resorts. Card games became fashionable and became the theme of several works of art. The aristocrats were playing to pieces, the heirs of the most famous surnames of Europe were ruined! The result of Europe’s fight against gambling addiction was the gradual closure of casinos by 1873. It was then that the heyday of the independent principality of Monte Carlo began, where the casino did not stop working even for a day!

In the United States, the gambling business began to develop at the beginning of the 19th century. All players gathered in a kind of local casino – saloons, where blackjack and poker reigned. President Jackson in 1831 declared card games an illegal business, all states agreed to this, and casino saloons began to close.

At the beginning of the 20th century, major construction was underway in Las Vegas (Nevada): a power plant dam, a federal highway. A huge number of workers needed entertainment and cabaret rooms, dance parlors became the scene of card battles. The Nevada government decided to set up a gambling business, and casinos opened in 1931. When the dam was built, cheap electricity flooded the former backwaters with light. Now Las Vegas is one of the largest gambling zones not only in America but also in the world UK gambling sites no deposit.

Worldwide casinos

After the personal computer and separate access to the Internet became familiar, the world of gambling has also changed. Casinos and slot machines launched a rapid attack on the network and acquired virtual platforms in it. It is possible to play online slot machines for free today with the same and maybe even more comfort than in real casinos or halls.

The advantages of online casinos in a huge selection of gambling platforms for gambling, the most convenient betting options. The choice of opponents, all kinds of tournaments, various slot machines will undoubtedly attract the attention of many gamblers.

Pros of online casinos

Despite everything, the advantages of an online casino are greater than any inconvenience. The main disadvantage of online games, players call the inability to feel the real situation at the gaming table. This drawback is most uncomfortable for people who are used to playing in regular casinos. But younger players who have not played in a regular casino do not consider this a big disadvantage.

Some time ago, dissatisfaction was caused by insufficient security of deposits, uncertainty about the honesty of an Internet establishment, games that were very primitive, and a few other minor flaws. However, at the present stage of development, game manufacturers have gotten rid of most of the shortcomings.

There are many advantages of Internet games, the most significant of which are:

  • no non-gaming expenses,
    • easy access from anywhere with the Internet,
    • high coefficient of return of slot machines, large jackpots,
    • many tournaments held,
    • good reliability.


Casino players have always existed and will continue to exist. If they are not allowed to legally satisfy their passion, then they will find illegal ways. With the development of communications, casinos, like other types of business, have moved to the Internet, an obstacle to this process will not bring anything good. Government licensing of gaming sites is necessary, this will increase reliability and guarantee the integrity of projects. Lovers of gambling and casino owners can only hope that it will be so.

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